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"Punch Your Art Out 3" - a book review

Updated on March 2, 2013

The Best Book of Ideas and Inspiration for Using Scrapbooking Punches Creatively: Punch Your Art Out 3 by Memory Makers

With Punch Your Art Out 3, Memory Makers really hit it's stride with this series and brought the "ART" part of the series to it's fullest potential. With dazzling pages and tons of amazing design ideas, the editors have packed hundreds of fantastic, creative uses for scrapbooking paper punches into a slim volume of under 100 pages.

Not only does Punch Your Art Out 3 cover dozens of scrapbooking layouts and ideas, there are loads of other crafting ideas for decorating lampshades, gift bags, Christmas ornaments, - even cupcakes!

This is one craft book I return to again and again; for tips, tricks, or just visual inspiration. The pictures are glorious, especially the header pages to each chapter - all similar to the incredibly detailed cover of the book. My favorite part of the book is that each chapter has a page or spread titled "One Punch" similar to how Somerset Studio magazine's "With One Stamp" feature. A single punch is used to create intricate, diverse patterns and borders through clever techniques including trimming and embellishing.

Punch Your Art Out 3 is the book that opened my eyes to the world of Punch Art, and it started a paper punch addiction that's transform my art - and my crafts.

A visual feast, a quick glance through this book's pages always gets my creativity revved.

Punch Your Art Out 3

Punch Your Art Out: Creative Paper Punch Ideas for Scrapbooks With Techniques in Color, Pattern & Dimension
Punch Your Art Out: Creative Paper Punch Ideas for Scrapbooks With Techniques in Color, Pattern & Dimension

From the editor:

"This highly anticipated companion to Memory Makers' Punch Your Art Out 1 & 2 delivers "the next generation of paper art." Like its predecessors, this book is full of innovative and inspiring paper punch craft ideas that today's scrapbookers and paper artists crave. Through exploration of color, pattern and texture as design tools, readers will achieve added dimension to their paper crafts.

Step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photographs guide crafters through basic to advanced techniques. Also included are special punch techniques that incorporate various crafts with scrapbooking for truly unprecedented punch art results."


The best line in the book:

"Punches inspire us with their amazingly endless design possibilities."

More Books by Memory Makers

While Punch Your Art Out 3 is my favorite punch art book, I really enjoyed the others in the series and other punch art book by Memory Makers.

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