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How to Print Photos on to Mugs

Updated on November 2, 2015

Moorland Pony on a Mug


How to Put Photos on to Mugs for Great Gift Ideas

Why have run of the mill photos on your mugs when will very little effort you can have mugs with shiny new photos that are unique to you or show your favourite interests or passions? The digital age makes this process simple, fast and high quality at little cost so that anyone can have photos that they will love.

This lens shares different ways to put photos on to mugs so that you can have some special to you.

Where Do I Get Photos?

Where Do I Get Photos? - What kind of photos are suitable?

There are many places that you can get photos. Some of the more obvious ones include your own photos or those taken by family or friends. This is great if you want a picture of your pets or kids, however if you want something not so easily obtainable or if taking photos isn't something you are good at there are lots of other options both for free and to buy. Some of these options you may know others may be new.

  1. Your own photos

    To avoid disappointment follow some basic guidlines. Please note that these need to be quality photos. Check that the eyes are in focus. If it is a pet or animal also check that the nose is in focus. Remove red eye. Check the image isn't blurred. Check that the image isn't too light or too dark. Make sure the image is large enough for a quality print as small images will be fuzzy and unclear.

  2. Free Photos

    There are lots of places on-line where you can get free photos that give you permission to use them. Flickr is one of the popular places to do this.

  3. Buying Photos

    If you want to buy photos this gives you more scope and a better chance of getting good quality photos in a large range of subjects. Photos start at as little as $1.

How to print photos on mugs

Places to Get Photos Printed onto Mugs

  1. Your local supermarket
  2. Local Photography Store
  3. Art Clubs and Holidays
  4. On-line

How to Get Your Photos onto On-line Mugs


3. Places to Buy Photos

My favourite is Dreamstime. As you can see from the photos below you can get some fantastic photos for your mugs on subjects you might not otherwise be able to use and at relatively little cost.


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