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Quilting Techniques - Quilt Ideas on Clothes Embellishment

Updated on July 15, 2012

Quilted Designs for Clothing

Quilting is a decorative technique in dressmaking. You can quilt fabric by holding two or more layers together. There are basically two types of quilting: hand quilting and machine quilting. To make a decorative and attractive quilting designs, it is better to use plain fabrics, though colored fabrics can also be used.

You can use all the other types of hand stitches and sewing machine quilting technique with free motion and walking foot. Before you start quilting, it is a good idea to get all the tools and materials you will need to quilt, such as basic sewing kit, safety pins, quilting pins, quilting loops and frames, ruler, wadding, masking tape and temporary markers.

How To Prepare For Quilting - Tacking Method

You will have to secure together the layers of top fabric, wadding and backing fabric before you start to stitch. This prevents the layers of fabric from sliding or slipping out of position. What you do is to lay the wrong side of the backing fabric up on the flat surface such as a table and use masking tape to secure it at the corners.

Lay the top fabric and wadding layers over the top, make sure that the top fabrics lays right side up at the end and secure with masking tape. Starting from the center outwards, pin the layers together and then remove the masking tape and tack the fabric pieces about 8 to 10cm both horizontal and vertical apart.

If you are a beginner to quilting, it is better to get training from someone that knows how to quilt. You can then buy quilting patterns from any haberdashery or craft shop near you.


Types Of Quilting Techniques

Quilting By Hand

This is how to quilt by hand by using small, evenly spaced running stitches to make your quilting design

  • Thread the needle with about 45cm of thread and secure the thread with a knot
  • From the quilt line of the top fabric, insert the needle a little distance away and push the knot through it.
  • Make small running stitches in order to finish the thread
  • Secure and cut off the thread ends.

Quilting By Machine

Machine quilting With Free-Motion

  • You will have to attach the machine quilting foot by lowering the feed dogs
  • Roll the quilt into frame or you can make the quilt without the frame by just holding the fabric and machine quilting.
  • Under the sewing machine needle, lay the quilting fabric and make stitches steadily. If you want the stitches to look larger, you should make a faster sewing movement.

Machine Quilting With a Walking Foot

  • If there is any quilting instructions provided, follow it.
  • First attach the walking foot to the sewing machine
  • Machine quilt
  • The walking foot helps the layers of the fabric to be steady as you machine quilt without the layers sliding away from the position.


Quilting Tips

  • Use spare fabric to practice how to quilt before you start quilting
  • As you quilt, adjust any machine tension when necessary
  • You can quilt jackets and coats to have a decorative finish and to add warm
  • You can also embellish bags by using metallic threads to quilt them
  • You can quilt blankets and many other fabric items of your choice

How To Quilt Video Tutorial


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Suzie, it's great to know that this information can be of help to you. Wish you all the best in your quilting. Thank you for visiting.

    • Suzie ONeill profile image

      Suzie ONeill 5 years ago from Lost in La La Land

      Thanks for the suggestions and ideas. I've been wanting to get into quilting but I never seem to have the time. One of these days... :)

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      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you for your suggestion phdast7, i will use full width on the hubs. I really appreciate your comment.

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      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Beautiful work? Just Gorgeous. Next time, maybe make the pictures full width so they will stand out even more. :)

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      Reynold Jay 5 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I can use this in my art classes! I found I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and awesome.” I'm always your fan! RJ