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Rainbow Clip Art and Graphics

Updated on November 19, 2014
Rainbow clip art for arts and crafts
Rainbow clip art for arts and crafts

Colorful Clip Art for Crafts, Graphic Design, Inspiration

Rainbow clip art is so much fun! They're universal signs of peace and they're also part of many folk tales and customs. Finding clip art pictures of rainbows is not hard, it's just difficult to decide which free graphic to use for your project. I've collected clip art and pictures for decades, and I'm sharing my favorite sources for your crafts.

Enjoy this collection of free rainbow clips and photos for use in all your crafts and desktop publishing projects.

Lens graphic, rainbow with clouds clip art - Lee Hansen

Do You Like Rainbows ... - ... show your colors

There's something satisfying about ROY G BIV that attracts us visually. The arrangement of the color bands appeals to all, especially to children, and everyone who loves vibrant pop art. Rainbows symbolize peace and diversity in today's cultural iconic language.

Do You Like Rainbows?

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Irish Blessing Word Art - Classic Rainbow Poem

Irish blessing rainbow clip art
Irish blessing rainbow clip art

A lovely Irish blessing complete with the route to that pot o' gold ...

Wishing you a rainbow

For sunlight after showers -

Miles and miles of Irish smiles

For golden happy hours -

Shamrocks at your doorway

For luck and laughter too,

And a host of friends that never ends

Each day your whole life through!

Spectrum Visions - Rainbow Photography and Graphic Techniques

Rainbow over the Green Mountains of Vermont
Rainbow over the Green Mountains of Vermont

Green Mountain Rainbow

Rainbows always delight me and when I find a great photo of a real rainbow I like to save it in my collection of inspirational art. Here is a list of rainbow pictures I've found online that I think are really beautiful and that you can use for inspiration or as rainbow art. Some of these photos aren't rainbows in the sky, they're rainbows created by light, or rainbow effects created by other objects. If there's a rainbow in the photo and it's artistic, it's in this list of rainbow photographs. Some of the rainbow photos in this list are free for personal use - others are presented in collections to delight and inspire as only rainbows can.

30 Colourful and Peaceful Rainbow Photos - feast your eyes on these beauties

Photoshop Tutorial, How to Add A Rainbow To Any Photograph Learn how to add a realistic single or double rainbow to any photograph using this Photoshop effect.

Rainbow Photos and Wallpapers - Gorgeous photos of rainbows plus free desktop wallpapers from National Geographic.

Rainbow Nonpareils Tiny Candies - Do you call them sprinkles or do you call them jimmies or something else? Rainbow decorations used to spark up vanilla anything or decorate cupcakes, donuts, or sometimes even a model's eyelids and lips.

End of the Rainbow Photograph - Southern California post-storm photograph, the end of the rainbow snapped in Orange County

Caterpillar Rainbow - hues, man. Public domain image of brightly colored caterpillar with segments in ROYGBIV colors of the rainbow.

Peace Rainbow Art Lesson

Seeing Double - Rainbows are rare treasures - double rainbows even more so

Have you ever viewed a double rainbow?

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Free Rainbow Clip Art - My personal choices for the best free graphics

There are thousands of rainbow graphics available, but many are poor quality images. I've personally visited each of these pages and I recommend these as the best clips on the 'net.

Rainbow with Hearts - Pixabay public domain graphic

Hearts and rainbow clip art, pixabay public domain images
Hearts and rainbow clip art, pixabay public domain images

Learn how to create rainbow digital art effects.

Public domain images are nice, but it 's not hard to create your very own rainbow art. Here are two simple step by step recipes for drawing rainbows with Photoshop.

How to add a rainbow to a photograph with Photoshop

Basic Photoshop Rainbow Tutorial

Public Domain Rainbow Art
Public Domain Rainbow Art

© 2011 Lee Hansen

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      nice design

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      Some really cool products here!

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      @MillBucks: Wow, that's a lotta lens love. Thanks!

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      Nice work featuring this rainbow lens, my visit here was my 6000th Squidlike and 100 bonus points! Woo who.

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      Lee Hansen 5 years ago from Vermont

      @HtCares: I've loved rainbows for decades and passed the love on to my younger daughter who still collects rainbow art of all types. Thanks for stopping by and have a colorful rainbow day.

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      HtCares 5 years ago

      Thanks for all the rainbow photos! I'm a big fan of anything rainbow.

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      Great lense! Loved the link to the end of the rainbow ~ that was cool! B : )

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