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Red, Yellow, Purple and Pink Hearts from my studio!

Updated on November 12, 2011
The representation is abstract, my love for the solid.
The representation is abstract, my love for the solid. | Source

Hughes Design Create Studio Presents

The artist has been busy today, reworking yesterday's design into three new creations. It's important as an artist to develop both my skills and a body of work, and today's efforts have been succesfull in that regard. The design from yesterday was created with this kind of further manipulation in mind, and so I knew what my general work outline would be this morning when I started in on the graphic designs. You can see yesterday's blue and green heart to the right; and read about it more here.

Like the sun exploding is love.
Like the sun exploding is love. | Source

The Yellow and Red Heart

This was the first heart that I designed today, and like all the hearts on this page, it is available for sale on notecards, clocks and clothing at cafepress. The design flowed naturally from the efforts of the first one (from last night). This is essential as an artist, to work and rework designs, or failing that, to produce art as much a possible. They're the same. Refine technique, further understanding of composition and expression; all in pursuit of excellence. That's my feeling today. Regarding this design, I think that it speaks for itself, and I hope that you like what it has to say.

Hughes Design Create
Hughes Design Create | Source

The Red and Purple Heart.

The second heart I made today is designed with a powerful color combination: red and purple. There is additional depth added to the graphic by incorporating more color in the center than the proceeding image. Additionally, there is a yellow border around the heart; a precursor to the final design today. The heart is filled in at the bottom and there are some other small changes in it to (compared to the previous one). Can you spot some more differences?

If you'd like to see a heart design with a certain color combination, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do. It would be a fun challenge for me!

Valor & Victory
Valor & Victory | Source

The Pink and Purple Heart

Usually I don't incorporate pink into my artwork; but with a heart theme is seemed a natural. Rather than playing it against red, I decided to contrast it with purple. The nascent ray effect from the last heart takes flight in this design; and contributed to the time it took to finish it. These rays were first incorporated in anther artwork I made last week, which you can see here. That design also featured hearts, though they are very subtle.

As for this design I'm reminded of both the medal of honor (The Purple Heart); and the Christ energy. It's an important part of my life to witness how powerful symbols have been co-opted by the forces that be for their own purposes. It's fun to make art based on powerful iconic themes and notice how that empowers my life. I believe that witnessing these artworks may have the same effect: that is, to see them in a private and personal context without the bells and whistles with which they are so often associated. I hope you enjoy and are also empowered by them.

Yeah for hearts!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my artwork today. I like to think these images my soothe, empower and touch you. Tomorrow I'm taking a break; and then I'll be back at it on Monday. I'm not sure what the theme then will be; so if you have any ideas about the sort of art you'd like to see, please leave a note to that regard.

May you be aware of all that is whole and beautiful in your life; may you rise above any struggles and persevere to fullest of your abilities. Nameste!


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