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Neon Jewelry - the Latest Fun Fashion Accent

Updated on October 29, 2015

Neon Jewelry - Bracelets, Necklaces and now, Rings

You have all seen the brightly coloured bracelets for sale with friendly words on them - friendship, honesty, love, etc. Lately there has also been the 'Boobies' campaign on behalf of breast cancer.

Now, from a new supplier in Singapore, we have RememberingsTM, great little neon rings with messages on them.

You can also make your own bright cheery jewellry. Especially great with cheerful summer dresses or to pop against a dark top or sweater. From pony beads to seed beads to beautiful multi-colored glass beads, there are so many wonderful options to creating something that is very personlly yours.


You no longer have to carry around little lists reminding you of what you need to get done. RememberingsTM are meant to remind you of important tasks and events and be cheerful and eye catching at the same time. RememberingsTM come in great bright colours - green, orange, blue, red and purple. They are one size fits all.

They are inscribed, just as the old bracelets were, but messages are reminders rather than mottoes. They say things like "Take your pills", "Pay Your Bills" or "Call Mom". At the moment they seem to only be available on-line direct from Bravo Company

Neon Rings

The Rememberings rings are only available directly on-line - you can find them above. If you search around you will find that there are other really nice brightly coloured rings available.

Bright Bracelets

For some time now, bright rubber bracelets have been very popular. They can express a motto like friendship, honesty, love, or happiness and come in many colours.

There have also been bracelets sold for good causes such as the I Love Boobies bracelets for breast cancer and the LIVESTRONG bracelets - also in support of cancer.

Whatever your sentiment, there is a bracelet or bracelets for you.

Other Neon Jewelry

Of course there is other jewelry that comes in bright neon colours. Necklaces, watches, hair acccents. They are all available.

I think though that when it comes to necklaces, you can easily make your own creative, one of a kind, statement. Look around for bright things that inspire you. You can go to a dollar store or to a craft shop and find a lot of really pretty things. They will also have laces for a necklace and the parts to create your own pendant to hang on it. You will see them as a metal part with a loop at the top for the lace to go through. Then take your chosen accent and glue it to the pendant form. Could it be easier?

Of course, we all learned to string beads as kids. Even simply stringing beads for a necklace can be beautiful. There are a lot of really great beads in craft stores or on line.

Bead Necklaces

Simple seed bead or pony bead necklaces on a cord are great for fun summer neon highlights. Your neon bright necklace can be made up in a snap.

Beading Basics

This video sort of suddenly stops but it has some very good tips in it to get you going with beading.

Nacklace Making Supplies

There are lots of supplies available to make your own neon bright fun necklace. These are just a couple I happen to like. But you can also look in dollar stores and thrift shops for something a little different.

Blue Moon Beads Boutique Bead Box, Multi Color Silver Lined Seed Beads
Blue Moon Beads Boutique Bead Box, Multi Color Silver Lined Seed Beads

I love the extra sparkle of the beads that have a bit of silver in the center. This kit has all the colors you could want.

Wholesale lot 500 Bicone 4mm Swarovski #5328 Crystal Beads 25colors
Wholesale lot 500 Bicone 4mm Swarovski #5328 Crystal Beads 25colors

For something extra special - crystals. You can string them together for real sparkle. I like to use them as accents with other smaller beads - for variety and texture.


Or Ready Made Bright Jewelry

The Tova neckaces are really beautiful. I covet one of these. But you know, you can always emulate the style on your own.

Wire Looping - Another Great Technique

This video shows you how to do wire looping. It is very clear, with great closeups so you can see the technique step by step

More on Wire Work

The first wire loop video gave you a step by step on looping a bead onto wire. This one shows you how to do a scroll. It is such fun to create your own individual look.

Do You Make Your Own Jewelry

From simple to complex - do you make your own?

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