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Background Burner Removes Image Backgrounds - Automatically

Updated on January 8, 2014

Burn Away Image Backgrounds, Fast

Background Burner is a new, free tool that automatically removes the background from your images. It can save you a lot of time because it usually gets it right on the first try, without asking you do to any manual clean-up.

You can remove virtually any photo background in just a few minutes. This short tutorial will walk you through using Background Burner for the first time.

Getting Started - Firing Up the Burner

Let it make an educated guess
Let it make an educated guess

The Background Burner is free online tool from the people that run You can find it at:

Background Burner (

You can upload any image you want to remove the background and leave the foreground object in place (like a person, a product you have for sale, or whatever).

It will take a few seconds for it to process, and then it will offer you between 3 and 5 versions of your image, with the background removed. These are its "guesses" on which foreground object you want to have removed.

If one of the guesses is correct, then you're done! Your background is removed! Just press "Select" to download the version that you like the best.

If it didn't quite get it exactly right, then you can use the "Touch Up" button to make some edits.

Background Touch Up - Getting it just perfect

Background Touch Up
Background Touch Up

Often, Background Burner will get it exactly right the first time. Then there's nothing left for you to do but download your new image with the background removed.

If you need to make corrections, use the Touch Up button. It will take you to the Touch Up interface, where you can paint red for "remove this area" or green for "keep this area."

You don't need to be very precise about it. You can see in my test image above, that it just needs a quick "hint" as to where the foreground object ends and the background starts. You can usually get it perfect in just a few seconds.

Next, all that's left is to download your new image.

Saving your new image with removed background
Saving your new image with removed background

Saving Your Masterpiece


Once you're happy with your edited photo, you can download your new image - with the background removed - as a JPG or PNG.

There are other tools out there that will remove backgrounds for you, but in my opinion, nothing is as fast or accurate as Background Burner. Plus, it will often remove the photo background without you having to do anything except click "upload."

And the whole process took just a few minutes - leaving you with plenty of extra time to burn on other activities.


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