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Reptiles & Amphibians Coloring Pages

Updated on February 28, 2019
Lee Hansen profile image

Coloring page artist /designer for more than 30 years; get printable coloring pages at Lee's web sites (link info on Profile page).

Amphibians & Reptiles Coloring Pages
Amphibians & Reptiles Coloring Pages | Source

Snakes, Lizards, Crocodiles, Turtles, Frogs, Toads to Color

Snakes, Lizards, Crocodiles, Turtles, Frogs, Toads Coloring Pages - amphibian and reptile coloring books and activity sheets. The printable slithery critter pages in this story offer a good selection of creepy-cool creature pictures to color: turtles, snakes, lizards, toads, crocodiles and even the oldest reptiles, dinosaurs. Each printable featured has been reviewed and screened for quality. I visited each approved link personally.

Kids may be fearful of live snakes, snails and lizards but most boys and many girls enjoy learning about these interesting animals from books, videos and nature craft activities.

Printable Gecko Lizard Drawing, Lee Hansen

Red Eft - Young Eastern Newt

Red eft garden newt amphibian
Red eft garden newt amphibian | Source

I just love the bright orange colors of the juvenile Eastern Newts that patrol my vegetable garden. This little orange guy was busy looking for his lunch one morning when I came out to the garden to check on my veggies and herbs. We have streams along our property boundary and a large culvert with slow water, so many amphibious creatures live nearby.

Photo credit: © Lee Hansen

Painted turtle
Painted turtle | Source

Amphibians and Reptiles

Reptiles live on land but they like to stay close to a source of water so they can spend time swimming and feeding. Most hatch from eggs but they're cold-blooded creatures. Amphibians start life in the water, then develop lungs and move from the pond to live on the land. Like reptiles, amphibians are cold-blooded animals; they like to bask on warm rocks or in the sun to stay warm.

Amphibians live one part of their lives in water and another part on land. They breed in or near water. Many amphibians are born with gills but as they mature they develop lungs for breathing The amphibian family includes frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts (creatures with backbones) plus some strange worm-like species. They're all cold-blooded so they use the environment to regulate body temperature. It's believed that the first animals to leave the sea and begin to live on land were amphibious creatures, so the're an important evolutionary link between fish and reptiles.

Reptiles have been around since the dinosaur ages. Today there are more than six thousand species of reptiles, the most familiar being crocodiles, alligators, snakes, lizards, and turtles. Most reptiles live on land and reproduce by laying eggs. They are vertebrates - they have a backbone. A reptile's skin is made up of scales. Reptiles, like amphibians, are cold-blooded.

Photo: a painted turtle came to visit the garden wildlife habitat in our back yard one afternoon last summer

Critter Habitats for Animal Study

When I was a kid I caught frogs and toads but never had a suitable home for them so I had to release them after bringing them home to show to my mom. One time I caught a huge bullfrog and wanted to take it to school for science day, so my mother found a very large glass jar and we put water and a rock inside so he'd be comfy for a day away from the pond. If I'd had a nice habitat like one of these I could perhaps have kept him around the yard for a few days while I studied him and showed him off to the boys in the neighborhood.

Frog Coloring Page - Frog Face to Color - Make a Frog Face Mask

Frog coloring page mask
Frog coloring page mask | Source

I love to photograph nature. This frog face picture was drawn from a snapshot I captured of a green frog sitting in the sunshine by our garden pond. You can make a mask from this picture!

Differences Between Reptiles and Amphibians

view quiz statistics

A to Z Reptiles Coloring Book

From alligators to ... hmmm, A to Z reptiles on coloring pages.

Toad's Love Song - Video: Spring toad calling for a mate

What does the toad say?

I recorded this singing toad video in early spring on a cool but sunny afternoon near our rain garden pond. The toad's skin is very dark and damp from a long winter sleep in the black mud near our garden pond and rain garden.

It's calling out a love song to find a mate because it discovered the perfect little pond in which to raise tadpoles into toads. After mating, the toad will lay eggs that will hatch into the next batch of tadpoles who will live in the pond. The tadpoles will live in the water until they lose their tails in the summertime and move on to the dry land and eat the bugs in our garden.

Turtle Coloring Page - Free printable turtle coloring sheet for personal and classroom use

Printable turtle coloring page
Printable turtle coloring page | Source

I sketched this turtle coloring page in early spring, just after I discovered a snapping turtle in our back yard. You can download a full size printable coloring page by clicking here - don't worry, he can't snap you!

A Snake Visits My Garden

This snake enjoyed the warm rocks of the retaining wall outside the door to my artist studio in late spring. The sunshine on the rocks helped the snake to warm its cold-blooded body.

In the heat of one summer evening we discovered a trio of snakes (2 garter snakes, 1 large milk snake) living in a pile of lumber stored under a big old pine tree in our back yard. They were using the dark coolness of the shade and lumber pile to avoid overheating in the near-100 degree weather. Those snakes also happened to find a good spot for lunch because the chipmunks in our yard were also hanging around in the same woodpile. After we discovered the snakes, we figured out why all the chipmunks suddenly disappeared from the backyard.

Snakes of the World to Color

A worldwide book about snakes presented with realistic drawings to color in.

Snakes of the World Coloring Book
Snakes of the World Coloring Book | Source

Color a Striped Snake - Printable Serpent Coloring Sheet

Snake coloring page
Snake coloring page | Source

S is for striped snakes - SSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I created this illustration for the year of the serpent, and the letter S. It's available on my web site, Pastiche Family Portal, in the animals coloring pages collection.

Reptile Printables - Snakes, turtles, chameleons, crocodiles and many other reptiles to color

Reptile coloring pages offer plenty of creature feature excitement without the danger of a close encounter with a crocodile or big snake! A few ancient species are included here - dinosaur coloring pages!

Salamander Coloring Page - Printable Newt Coloring Sheet

Printable Salamander Coloring Page, Lee Hansen
Printable Salamander Coloring Page, Lee Hansen | Source

This is my original drawing of a spotted salamander - these interesting creatures vary in coloration. Some are bluish-black with lemon yellow spots. Others are brown or orange with yellow or dark brown spots.

Amphibian Pictures to Color - Toads, frogs, salamanders, newts and other amphibious creature pictures to color

Print out these free pictures of salamanders, newts, toads, frogs and turtles to color in.

Spotted Salamander

Spotted salamander
Spotted salamander | Source

Spring Salamander - Uncover flat rocks in the spring and you might find a salamander or two ...

Salamander in Vermont, spring '11 - 2011 copyright
Salamander in Vermont, spring '11 - 2011 copyright

This is a photo of a salamander that lives in my garden. Well actually, there are hundreds of these brown salamanders living in my yard under the flat marble stepping stones. The other variety I've seen is a red eft, sometimes called an orange newt, which I think is the young version of this salamander.

Do you like the slithery wildlife featured in this story? Have you had close encounters of your own with any of the reptilian and amphibious creatures I've found in my garden?

Reptiles and Amphibians Coloring Book
Reptiles and Amphibians Coloring Book | Source

© 2009 Lee Hansen

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  • fathomblueEG profile image


    5 years ago

    You are a gifted artist and the reptiles you have pictured are very colorful. I love little chameleons. They are so full of personality. Nice lens!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    My son will love these!

  • abarth76 lm profile image

    abarth76 lm 

    7 years ago

    Reptiles and coloring what more can you ask?

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    We share a common interest, coloring books, reptiles, amphibians. Lovely lens

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Cute Snakes!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Nicely done!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    i love reptiles and anfibians the r the most wonderfull creatures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stoney2009 profile image


    8 years ago

    Great lens, lensrolled to my Dinosaur coloring pages lens :)

  • GonnaFly profile image


    8 years ago from Australia

    They are certainly amazing creatures. Lovely resource.

  • GoPoochYourself profile image


    8 years ago

    Cute! I love reptiles and amphibians. Newts are my favorite!

  • shirts101 lm profile image

    shirts101 lm 

    9 years ago

    Awesome Lens. Very interesting.

  • VJYoung profile image


    9 years ago

    We at EnviroCorps are very appreciative of the support squidoo supporters are giving us.

  • naturegirl7s profile image

    Yvonne L B 

    9 years ago from Covington, LA

    You and this lens have been featured on Nature at Its Best - Frog Songs Blog ( )

  • evelynsaenz1 profile image

    Evelyn Saenz 

    9 years ago from Royalton

    You always have the most interesting coloring pages.

    The Frogs in the Pond just stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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