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Ribbon Crafts Activities Ideas You Can Do With Family - Easy Ribbon Projects

Updated on February 26, 2015

Ribbon Crafts For Decorative Effects

Ribbon craft is a type of craft activities used in needlecrafts. There are many ribbon craft projects that you and your family can have fun with making. Moreover ribbons are not so expensive to buy.

Ribbons can be purchased from any craft shops. To be able to make things with ribbons, you'll need to know the different techniques involved.

Ribbons are decorative fabrics that you can use to create a whole new range of craft projects using different techniques that i will outline later.

This is one of the easy decorative craft you can learn to do, as ribbons on their own is already finished fabrics, this means that you do not need to sew the edges. Ribbons can be used as a tie back on the waist of clothes, on edges of sleeves, on hems, and just about any part of the dress bodice that you want to decorate.

You can learn to apply ribbons to background fabrics in many ways to achieve a decorative effects.

Types of Ribbons For Craft Uses

Ribbons are fabrics that can be used for many decorative purposes. Ribbons are of different colors, patterns and textures.

Some ribbons are printed with decorative motifs or with spots such as stars, flowers, hearts or with familiar characters.

There are different materials of ribbons such as lurex ribbons in gold, pewter or silver. Jacquard ribbons has floral or a bit of glitter. There is also polyester velvet ribbons that are used in most applique designs.

How To Work With Ribbons

It is always better to wash the ribbons first and any background fabrics before applying the ribbons on.

Use basting stitch to temporarily hold the ribbons to the project fabric together instead of using pins. Because it is not easy to remove pin holes from ribbons.

You can use either hand or machine to stitch down any fabric using any of the types of stitches you like. You can use zigzag, straight or embroidery stitches.

Another easy method to apply in holding ribbons to a fabric is by using commercial bonding product.



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      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you NatalieSack for your comment. I totally agree with you about the links at the bottom. I'll surely move them there. Thank you once more.

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      I didn't know you should wash ribbons before using them! Interesting! I would prefer to see all those links at the bottom of the article. But that's just my personal preference.