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To Use Ribbons to Create Embroidery Decorations

Updated on May 26, 2015

Embroidery, is a fine art, both in practice and in appreciation. Embroiderers and artists have developed many skills in needles and threads, along with the production of threads in series of colors and raw materials, to improve the artistic quality and the manufacture technics. Silk ribbons are often used in an embroidery work to make flowers. It is hard for everyone to carry on such a skill to be a job or a hobby. However, if you use only ribbons to embroider a simple pattern, it will become basically easy and also attractive, because needless to consider too much exquisites, and then need not many skills, but just regular needles with ribbons in to create a mimic and overstated on some level, nature in home.

Hui (蕙) fine embroidery
Hui (蕙) fine embroidery


1) Ribbons. There are a variety of ribbons in fabric stores. You can choose whatever ones you like, but it’d better choose smooth and shiny ones, and not too wide, because you need to needle them through cloth without breaking cloth grains.

2) Cloth. The background cloth should be relatively thick solid with warps and wefts loose. If you really want one piece of fine heavy satin with elasticity, you can use it, but need to pay much energy, and may need a tool to help to get the needle through.

3) Embroidery frames. To fix the cloth piece to a flat surface.

4) Scissor. The scissor for embroidery is special with an upturned muzzle, to avoid cutting other parts when cuts a thread, but for the ribbon work, regular scissors are fine.

5) Needles. Big thick ones with big eyes.



Step 1. To make out an outline on the cloth.

It is practicable to use carbon paper to copy a picture onto the cloth. You can draw a pattern on the cloth with pencils or fabric chalks directly. I do it in this way, which saves time and cost. The important thing is the combination of the whole picture and the match of colors.

Step 2. To embroider with needles and ribbons.

With ribbons, you even need not take time to learn from a teacher, but give your own simple thinking and imagination. You may say “I have no idea how to turn a ribbon into a flower”, but you must see a real flower on branch. Then, just use the color and the material to create a thing that satisfies your own eyes. When I make a rose, I draw a circle first, then make five radius cords (as in the picture), then needle the ribbon under through every two until cover the ends of the cords. A simple knot is a flower, and a dense knots creates a beautiful whole scene...

Step 3. To create a final product.

After embroidery, you must want to make it into a thing that you can use or view and enjoy, such as hand bags, table cloth, pillow cases, or simply an ornament on the dresser... Actually, you plan it before embroidery, then you decide the size and the shape of the piece of cloth, and where to embroider.

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Hui-蕙 knitting flowers
Hui-蕙 knitting flowers
Hui-蕙 knitting flowers | Source

Although such an embroidery does not fall into category of high arts, but as a home craft, it can play really an eyeable effect. With those shiny colors in your own expressive way, you realize the free in spirit at a time, then consider yourself as an artist, while the hand-made flower-leave-garden scene brings out a happy sense of achievement.

Hui (蕙) fine embroidery
Hui (蕙) fine embroidery


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