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Richie Nuzz Official Fan Page

Updated on March 1, 2016
Check out Richie Nuzz Official Youtube Channel:
Check out Richie Nuzz Official Youtube Channel: | Source

Richie Nuzz Covers Justin Bieber's Sorry Ft. Skrillex

Celebrity Pop King Justin Bieber has released his new #1 Hit Song "Sorry" along with an amazing Dance Music Video. While the official music video has not been released yet, you can watch Richie Nuzz's beautiful Cover remix to the song Sorry along with his Official Music Video here on Youtube

Richie's Music Video has already amassed over 20k views in under one week! So go ahead and check it out, like share and leave a comment if you liked the video. You can find more of Richie's Music Videos here on his official Youtube Channel

Richie Nuzz Performs Live!

Richie Nuzz performs Live this year at the 2015 Annual One Music Fest.

Richie was given the opportunity this year to perform live at this Years OneMusicFest for hundreds of his fans here in Atlanta Georgia. Opening for popular artist such as Lauryn Hill, The Roots, A$AP Rocky, Janelle Monae, Ryan Leslie, and many more. The artist found himself playing the trombone attracting a crowd that stretched across the outdoor ampitheater. Richie Looks to people such as Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Ryan Leslie, and Usher, just to name a few for inspiration. He is most notable remember from his recent appearances in some of the largest and most popular Pop music videos such as Katy Perry's Last Friday Night, or Britney Spear's Work Bitch. Richie even managed to land a spot on Hulu's #1 hit tv show South Beach.

This Year Richie Nuzz took a large step into the lime light performing at numerous venues and radio shows across the country, from theLA's Staples Center in Los Angeles, California for the LA Sparks, to prime time with Lance Bass on Sirius Xm, Richie Nuzz is coming in hot and is moving fast.


Justin Bieber Sorry Cover Music Video now out:
Justin Bieber Sorry Cover Music Video now out: | Source

"Sorry" Now on SoundCloud

J Balvin takes a crack at Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's "Sorry" has been remixed and bassified by Reggaeton Superstar JBalvin. The song is now available as a reggaeton song. Reggaeton is what you get when you mash up reggae beats and bachata rhythms together usually with a solid bassline that gets anyone off there feet and on to the dance floor. You can usually recognize a strong yet enjoyable use of autotune throughout the vocals. It's a style that has carries tradition and has been used for decades amongst all artist among the genre.

J Balvins #1 reggaeton hit "Ginza" has been the no. 1 Latin song in the U.S. for over 5 straight weeks, according to reports found on Billboard's "Hot Latin Songs Chart." The artist has recently begun to gain more a stronger presence in mainstream light. Recently he made an appearance on the Today earlier this summer as the special musical guest, performing live from Rockefeller Center in New York City, USA

Justin Bieber is by far the biggest English-speaking act to collaborate with J Balvin.

Justin Bieber - Sorry (Official Cover by RIchie Nuzz)

Nuzzhead Nation!


Live it Up Official Music Video - Richie Nuzz

Richie Nuzz Behind the SCENES Live it up

The Purpose behind Live it Up

Watch Pop artist Richie Nuzz and ATL Cinematographer Jake Harts spotlight debut on camera in this 1st hand in-depth look into the making and production of Richie's summer hit single "Live it Up" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO. The immaculate team has been very productive this year and in the full feature Behind the Scenes video, I think they make it apparent that the journey to greatness is definitely a bumpy road and its best to keep your heads up high and commit to the life of success.

Richie Nuzz - Live it Up (DOCO Remix) Official Video

Richie Nuzz x DOCO Live it Up Official Remix

March 1, 2016

This Years Spring is already showing promise in the electronic music industry. With Richie Nuzz releasing a remixed version of Live it up with TOP 100 BeatPort Dj DOCO. The song is accompanied by a completely new music video! Check it out by clicking the link on the left and be sure to check out the rest of the Nuzzleheads Music Videos as well as DOCO Official Soundcloud for more great hits!


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