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Sandzini Sculpting Ice Cream Parlor Creator Set

Updated on January 12, 2014

Mold It - Roll It - Stretch It - Squeeze it - Dry It!

Sandzini Ice Cream Parlor is a sculpting compound with which young artists can squeeze, shape, mold and sculpt into colorful ice cream favorites!

Ice cream and crafts are two things that top my grand daughter's list of favorite things. Combining the two in a fun activity is something I know she will enjoy!

Sandzini Ice Cream Parlor Set at Amazon

The Sandzini Ice Cream Parlor Set is an enjoyable and creative way to spend the day with my grand daughter.

Sandzini Ice Cream Parlor Set
Sandzini Ice Cream Parlor Set

The sculpting compound is so versatile that it can be shaped into anything a child can imagine. The Ice Cream Parlor set comes with everything required to create an assortment of ice cream treats, from ice pops to cones, or sundaes and ice cream sandwiches. The Sandzini compound in brown, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple can be crafted with the included rolling pin, wheel cutter, and sculpting tools.

When play time is over the compound can be stored in a plastic bag for further play, or allowed to dry and harden.

When the creations are complete, and after time is allowed to dry, it is time for a session of ice cream parlor pretend play.

The non-toxic, no gluten treats may look good enough to eat; children should be reminded it is only pretend and not for consumption. as with most arts and crafts activities, younger children must be supervised.


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