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Scarf Patterns in Lace or Textured Knitting

Updated on April 16, 2015

"Nightlock" Scarf in Berry and Seed Stitch


Go Beyond the Basic Learn-to-Knit Scarf

Lace knitting or textured stitch patterns turn an ordinary rectangular scarf into a work of art. Once you have mastered the basic garter stitch scarf and plain stockinette stitch, it's time to go a little wild and try new techniques. I use scarves as swatches to practice new stitches and try new color combinations or new yarns. The scarf pictured at the right is one of my own designs using a bobble stitch variation and seed stitch. The pattern is in my book, 8 Knitted Accessories from FiberFrau.

The resources I recommend here can help you stretch your knitting skills by exploring the many ways knits and purls can combine to produce a variety of textured fabrics. Have fun!

Scarf Patterns

Here are two book recommendations for scarf knitters.

Knitted Scarves: Lace, Cables, and Textures
Knitted Scarves: Lace, Cables, and Textures

The cover scarf is just stunning. Get lots of great ideas here.

Knitting Scarves From A-Z: Learn How to Knit the Perfect Scarf
Knitting Scarves From A-Z: Learn How to Knit the Perfect Scarf

If you really like to knit scarves, you'll want this in your library.


Duplicate Stitch Tree Scarf

Duplicate Stitch Tree Scarf
Duplicate Stitch Tree Scarf | Source

Textured Stitches or Cables

Cable Scarves

Cables require a cable needle in addition to your straight needles and yarn. Substitute a short, double-pointed needle if you have no cable needle handy.

A beautiful pattern from The Knitting Site is reversible. A narrow cable scarf includes instructions for seed stitch and moss stitch variations as well as the basic pattern. The fun Simple Cable Scarf pattern from Paton's has one giant cable down the middle of the scarf and giant pom poms at each end.

Textured Stitch Patterns

Seed and Blocks is a reversible scarf pattern that makes a checkerboard texture with a seed stitch border. To search for this pattern you will need to join Lion Brand's Community so you can log into their database of over 5,000 free patterns. Reversible Parallelograms is another great allover pattern for a reversible scarf with interesting surface texture. Duplicate Stitch Tree Scarf uses garter ridges and ribbing as well as a bit of embroidery. Rockstar is an outrageous design with garter bands in handpainted yarn and "fur" stripes for loads of texture and color.

Simple Lace Pattern

Cowl in faggot stitch lace
Cowl in faggot stitch lace | Source

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    • Scott A Butler profile image

      Scott A. Butler 3 years ago from England

      A great lens.

      I don't knit but I know some who do. this lens would benefit them. :)

    • jennabee25 profile image

      Jenn Dixon 3 years ago from PA

      Great ideas for cool scarves!