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Scrapbook Storage Ideas

Updated on September 12, 2014
CC.BY.2.0 | Source

Storage solutions for scrapbooking and crafting

Scrapbooking is so addictive and absorbing but what do you do when your supplies begin taking over? Creative scrapbook storage solutions is what you need. On this page, you will find craft organizers, scrapbook paper storage ideas, scrapbook and craft totes and bags and many more ideas and suggestions to keep your scrapping under control.

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Craft studio storage (CC.BY.2.0)
Craft studio storage (CC.BY.2.0) | Source

Azar 900945-CLR Pegboard Room Organizer, Clear Frosted Pegboard

Azar 900945-CLR Pegboard Room Organizer, Clear Frosted Pegboard
Azar 900945-CLR Pegboard Room Organizer, Clear Frosted Pegboard

Plain and simple pegboard organizer for tools and small craft items.

Amazon reviewer NYC Lady 2010 says, "I searched the web for a long time trying to find an organizer for my scrap book stuff and also for my kids arts and craft projects. I finally found it from this company called Azar and it is awesome. It is made very well and I love that I can move around the accessories to make a custom organizer for really great price."


Tips for Crafters' Storage

Not just for scrapbookers!

1. Make use of walls. Put up shallow shelving, wall organizers, hooks and even spice racks. Look for ideas in kitchen storage - sometimes they can be adapted. It's much easier to reach for an item than to rummage around in a drawer. Besides your stuff looks great on display and just gazing at your supplies will make you feel in the mood for creating.

2. Glass is good. So are clear plastic and acrylic containers. Being able to see the contents of containers makes it a lot easier to find what you want right when you want it.

3. If you use ribbon in your scrapbooking, then consider a ribbon organizer. Ribbon stays clean and tangle-free.

4. Select shallow-drawers over deep ones when purchasing cabinets.

5. If you like to scrap in different areas of your home or even outside, consider a purpose-made craft trolley or tote-on-wheels.

Scrapbook Storage Solutions - Go from this....

Before (CC.BY.2.0)
Before (CC.BY.2.0) | Source

To This!

Organized craft studio (CC.BY.2.0)
Organized craft studio (CC.BY.2.0) | Source
Blue Hills Studio Storage Cart
Blue Hills Studio Storage Cart

Scrapbook Paper Storage

Keeping your beautiful scrapbook and art papers pristine and dust-free can be a real challenge. On one hand you need to have ready access to your paper stash but on the other hand, they must be fresh and crease-free. Often my papers end up floating around under books and swamped by offcuts - you can tell I am the queen of disorganized... or perhaps just lazy!

Shown here is the Blue Hills Studio 10-drawer Storage cart - fabulous for paper.

Storex 12-Compartment Literature Organizer, Grey

Made from recycled materials and designed for classrooms, this sturdy organizer has received some rave reviews. Use it for magazines, projects and, of course, paper storage. The product info omits the fact that several units can be stacked together by removing the top section.

31" long, 10.5" tall, 13" deep

Storex 12-Compartment Literature Organizer/Document Sorter, Grey (61601U01C)
Storex 12-Compartment Literature Organizer/Document Sorter, Grey (61601U01C)

Amazon reviewer S. thomas says, "I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect paper/catalog sorter and this one beat all the others out..The price is excellent for this sturdy entirely plastic (not paper like many of the other simliar products). It will never warp or give out from the weight."

Crafter's Cart
Crafter's Cart

Scrapbook Anywhere

With a Cart

These carts are fabulous - some of them can contain all your scrapbooking supplies, particularly if you are a frugal scrapper. All right, I know there's no such animal! Okay then, you can get all your *essential* supplies onto and into one of these and then you will be able to scrapbook in the living room, or the kitchen, or the bedroom, or even on the porch on a still day.

Pictured is the awesome and very nifty Honey-Can-Do 12-Drawer Chrome Studio Organizer Cart

Free Paper Storage - Store 12 x 12 Scrapbook papers

This is a really useful idea - even better if you recycle used flat-rate mailing boxes.

Large Craft Tote Bag
Large Craft Tote Bag

Craft Totes and Portable Organizers

Scrapbooking is a Movable Feast!

Not only scrapbooking but general crafting, art journaling and sewing. It's really convenient to pack a few supplies and take them with you - I take my kids to home-schooling groups and meet-ups and it is lovely to have something with me to keep my hands busy. Or how about packing some of your excess supplies and taking them to a craft swap? Checkout these cool craft totes.

Amy Butler Lotus Scrapbooking Tote

K & Company Amy Butler Lotus Scrapbooking Tote Bag Tea Box K674639
K & Company Amy Butler Lotus Scrapbooking Tote Bag Tea Box K674639

These are gorgeous! So practical and stylish.

Product details: Amy Butler Scrapbook Tote: Tea Box. An oversized tote perfect for today's scrapper to transport scrapbooks; works in progress; materials and tools to crops; class or just for a visit. Features: 15x14x6-1/2in outer dimensions with two open pockets (6x6-1/2in); extra long padded shoulder straps; an open inner compartment (15x14x3in) with a velcroed cell phone pocket (5x3x2in) and a zippered pocket (6x6-1/4in) and a large zippered compartment (15x14x3in). Tote is heavily padded for safe transport of the most delicate materials. Shell: EVA Foam-Backed 100% Cotton; Lining: 100% Cotton; SPOT CLEAN ONLY. Colors: coral; pink; cream. Imported.

Crop In Style XXL Rolling Tote, Black
Crop In Style XXL Rolling Tote, Black

The essential rolling studio. This has everything... including amazing 5* reviews. But would I get it in my little car?

Reviewer Sabrina M DeLaney says, "This tote is AWESOME!! It is spacious, sturdy and ideal for those who love to have their supplies neatly organized. Scrapbookers, Jewlery Makers, Seamstresses etc would all LOVE this rolling tote!! I do!"


Do you prefer to work in an organized workspace or can you only create in chaos?

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    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      Love organized, though it tends to turn to chaos once I start! Fun lens and great ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

    • curious0927 profile image

      curious0927 5 years ago

      I need organization! Great ideas worth implementing! Blessed!

    • profile image

      wisephoto 5 years ago

      some great ideas, I need to organize

    • RashellR profile image

      RashellR 5 years ago

      Definitely Organized... which could have a lot to do with why I'm not getting much creative stuff done lately ;-)

    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 5 years ago

      I am all about organization. I turned my basement into heaven when I finally realized I had become a hoarder. And you should see my crafting area. So organized, I can find stuff without even searching. It is so much more fun and everything gets used now! blessed!

    • dbametrix lm profile image

      dbametrix lm 5 years ago

      Excellent and impressive lens creation. Thanks for sharing.

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