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How to Make a Seashell Craft with CDs 02

Updated on January 26, 2017

Introduction to Craft with CDs 02

In this cd art craft we will create a pattern that uses gem stones. Gem stones are basically glass marbles that have a flat side to them and have a somewhat oval shape. Now I just happened to have two types of these gem stones on hand, frosted and shiny, but for this project feel free to use just one type. In addition to these blue glass gem stones we will use 2 types of seashells and brown sand. They will be placed in a circular pattern around the disc.

Are you ready to get started? Then let’s get on with it.

First Side of Project Finished

Easy and suitable as CD Crafts for Kids.
Easy and suitable as CD Crafts for Kids. | Source


  • 1 each disc, CD or DVD
  • 12 each glass gem stones, blue
  • 12 each seashells, Dove or sea snail style
  • 12 each seashells, Cardita or clam style
  • 1 package brown sand, beach or craft
  • 1 bottle glue, standard white
  • 1 can polyurethane paint, clear gloss or semi-gloss
  • 18 inches fishing string, clear

I use cds or dvds that have stopped working for my crafts with cds although you can certainly just buy a pack of blank discs and use new ones if you wish. This gives those unwanted or messed up discs new life as pretty decorative art which is much better than tossing those discs into the garbage.

You can use any round type of seashell in place of the Doves, and any flat type of seashell in place of the Cardita clam shells. Just make sure they fit in the space left over after you place the gem stones.

Brown craft sand will work to cover the spaces left after placing the gem stones and seashells. I prefer to use clean and dry beach sand but I live near the east coast of Florida and there are plenty of brown sand beaches around here.

Use 8 to 10 pound test fishing line. You can use any color although I prefer clear line so it looks like the cd art craft is floating on air.

Follow these Steps and Create Your CD Craft

  1. Use a drill to make a hole that is 1/8 inch round at about 3/16 inch from the rim of the disc. Kids should let an adult do this. Adults – do be careful please.
  2. Wash the disc with soap and water then dry the disc thoroughly.
  3. Start with the gem stones. Glue the first gemstone directly under the hole drilled in step 1. Place it more or less in the center between the drilled hole and the hole in the center of the disc.
  4. Glue 5 more gem stones around the disc equally spaced out from the first gem stone.
  5. Add the Dove seashells. Glue one Dove seashell in the space between each gem stone. Glue them to the pointy parts all look outward. If you use a different type of seashell glue the shells so they are all orientated the same way.
  6. Add the Cardita seashells too the rim of the cd disc. Glue them so they fall between the gem stones in-line with the Dove seashells. The flatter part of the seashell should be toward the rim of the cd.
  7. Paint the remaining exposed cd surface with glue. While the glue is still wet add the sand. Make sure the sand covers all the glue.
  8. Let the cd craft sit for a couple of hours so the glue dries. Once the glue has dried remove the loose sand. Just tilt the disc and the loose sand will flow right off.
  9. Paint the seashells and sand with the polyurethane paint.
  10. Repeat steps 3 thru 9 on the other side of the disc.
  11. Tie the 18 inch length of fishing string to the hole. Tie the string securely to the hole. At the loose end of the string create a loop. A one to two inch loop will fit over most decorative ceiling hooks.

Photo Steps to the CD Art Craft

Blue glass gem stones in place.
Blue glass gem stones in place. | Source
Added dove seashells between blue glass gem stones.
Added dove seashells between blue glass gem stones. | Source
Add cardita seashells on edge of disc
Add cardita seashells on edge of disc | Source
Painted with white glue and added sand.
Painted with white glue and added sand. | Source

Using the CD Art Craft

This CD craft is made to hang. You can hang it from the ceiling using ceiling hooks or from a wall using picture hangers. You can even hang it on a wall above an arch so it hangs a few inches under the arch.

Outside they can be hung from arbors, tree limbs, or anyplace you would hand a wind chime. Of course these hangers will just be pretty to look at – no chimes available.

They also make great gifts. Most folks appreciate getting real handmade craft items especially over “made in China” souvenirs.

Have fun making seashell crafts with cds.


Use a sheet of paper under the project. It will make collecting the loose sand and returning it to your container a lot easier. It will also protect the work surface from any glue drippings.

If you get sand on your gem stones or seashells it can usually be removed by scraping it off. Use a pair of plastic tweezers or something similar.

Use a fisherman’s knot, if you know how, to tie the fishing string to the hole in the disc. This is a very secure knot when done correctly.

If you plan to use the cd craft as outdoor décor consider using a thicker fishing line. Perhaps 12 to 14 pound test line may be more appropriate. Note: I have not used any of mine outside so do not know how long they would last in the rain, wind and sunshine.


This cd craft uses small components. Choking could occur if items are placed in the mouth.

Drills should be operated by knowledgeable adults or under adult supervision. Very hazardous if used incorrectly or there is a slip.

Use the paint in a well-ventilated area.

What did you think of this Craft with CDs idea?

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    • Angelo52 profile image

      Angelo52 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Have fun with the little one and thanks for stopping by.

    • Angelo52 profile image

      Angelo52 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Thanks DS Duby. Glad you enjoyed it.

    • DS Duby profile image

      DS Duby 5 years ago from United States, Illinois

      It never ceases to amaze me at just how many cool craft ideas are being invented everyday. Great hub and really creative project.