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Serendipity of Blue

Updated on January 30, 2015

Blue Is A Color We Love

Blue like the sky above? Blue as those old suede shoes? Blue as the moon coming over the hill? Well, now that you asked, there is lots of more to blue than what I thought when it first came to mind. Just know that blue is cool and serendipitous too, just awesomely soothing, like the sea. Now how can that be? Just you wait and see. Even after an evening of dancing the night away, we surely sleep better at the end of the day.

We have something blue in every room of our house. From the cases on the pillows to the pictures on the walls, blue is a color that shows up. In a multicolored ray of hues.

Even if only blueish rocks in a couple of the rooms.

These Kind of Blues
These Kind of Blues

Songs to get your feet a giggling, those legs a wiggling.


Singin' the Blues

, We're Not Alone On Our Path

It gets it out of our bodies when we express it. Be that in writing, taking pictures, talking about it or singing. Our greatest gift these last few years has been in getting more sleep. Which has meant rearranging our room. Deep cleaning it, washing the windows and getting the bed away from that side of the room so we could be warmer and not catch cold as much.

When we are serious about losing weight and feeling the best we can about ourselves, nothing is better than a good blues session.

When we've just been stood up by super hot date cranking up the blues always helps. Time to go again into the silence of studying, learning how to love ourselves unconditionally. Then our feelings will no longer be blue, but filled with the sunshine of a new day, ready to start anew.

Blue Essence

Trying to capture the essence of it is to us, like love, impossible to express. You just have to see it to believe in it. Blue is a thought a feeling, a color, an emotion. It comes when we are living, when we are dying. Blue is our blood under our freckled skin. Blue is the bright sky we greet on a sun filled morning. Blue is also a color we see twinkling around the stars at night. Blues are soft and calming painted lightly in a room.

Dancing Away Emotional Blues

Last of the Jelly Roll Kings
Last of the Jelly Roll Kings

Mississippi Delta Blues, if you can sit still listening to this, well, you don't like dancing.


No Longer Blue

Let the rhythm of the music work it's way thought what ever mind warp your body is going through. Blues music for me personally energizes me and quiets the hammer mind who is constantly nagging at me, turn here and there, get all those thoughts accomplished.

When those instrumental blues get our feet a tapping it is next to impossible to sit alone in our chair all moody and sad. Singing a long to even one song, even if it is kinda sad, well, I know it sounds strange, makes me glad.

My body feels connected again to the world around me. I come back alive as the blood warms up all my veins. Doing something instead of just thinking about it, does the body good.

Vintage Blue We Love Collecting You

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Blue picture frames capturing nature.Blue apron with sunny flowers to sparkle up any blue cook.Blue fish plate fine descriptions.Blue coffee pots, have you found a different color?Blues were used for cleaning up soaps too.Vintage Blue were the staples of cooking.Blue glass vase for decorating.Blue blanket to cover us softly.Time for Blue TeaBlue Tea Cup, Blue Bird, Blue Votive
Blue picture frames capturing nature.
Blue picture frames capturing nature. | Source
Blue apron with sunny flowers to sparkle up any blue cook.
Blue apron with sunny flowers to sparkle up any blue cook. | Source
Blue fish plate fine descriptions.
Blue fish plate fine descriptions. | Source
Blue coffee pots, have you found a different color?
Blue coffee pots, have you found a different color? | Source
Blues were used for cleaning up soaps too.
Blues were used for cleaning up soaps too. | Source
Vintage Blue were the staples of cooking.
Vintage Blue were the staples of cooking. | Source
Blue glass vase for decorating.
Blue glass vase for decorating. | Source
Blue blanket to cover us softly.
Blue blanket to cover us softly. | Source
Time for Blue Tea
Time for Blue Tea | Source
Blue Tea Cup, Blue Bird, Blue Votive
Blue Tea Cup, Blue Bird, Blue Votive | Source

Blue Color In Our Homes

Collectors of Blue To Our Hearts Be True, What is it about blue that goes with every other hue?

Even shades of blue in many of our books.

We honor the blue of the high mountain photos that grace our brown walls.

The color blue it seems has a way of being able to blend in and look good in just about any room or environment. From pens on the outside to the color of their ink. From old blue and white pot holders and blue and white saucers with trims of yellow for dessert.

I still don't quite understand why the word 'blue' is used to describe a sad feeling, do you?

© 2015 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose


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  • sujaya venkatesh profile image

    sujaya venkatesh 

    3 years ago

    what a fascination for blue

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    3 years ago from Washington State

    Growing up I always pictured my home as blue and whit from the china to the bedrooms and lights. Not so for me any more either, yet blue is still a most favored color, so happy you love it too. Yes, quite soothing, and calm.

  • sgbrown profile image

    Sheila Brown 

    3 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

    I love the color blue, to me it is very a soothing color. I used to have my house decorated in blue, but I have changed it to more neutral colors now. I still have many of my blue decorations out though.


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