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What are the Best Sewing Machines for Beginners

Updated on August 1, 2013

What is the Best Sewing Machine?

I have a niece. 13 years old. Very, very creative, she loves fashion and decoration. She is very agile with her hands. At school she is very good with design, drawing etc.

Her birthday is in one month and I had thought to give her a great gift : A SEWING MACHINE !

First what does she need to start her new career? A sewing machine of course and I remembered I had a ' Beginner Sewing Kit ', when I was young. It was a gift from my mother.

First thing first! A sewing machine for beginners... but not too fancy. Also sewing supplies so she can start practicing.

Wow, I am so excited! But I forgot the essential where is she going to put her new sewing machine? In her room, I guess... Does she have enough room to have a sewing machine cabinets or does she needs a portable sewing machine?

So many question so far.... let me bring you to my discovery of the new world of sewing for beginners.

The Best Sewing Machine for beginers

What You Need with your New Sewing Machine

First you need a sewing machine. How much, do you think we must pay for a sewing machine when your are a beginner? Do you believe that we need a basic sewing machine only to thread, sew straight and zigzag stitches or more sophisticated for the future with embroidery and computerized?

I have to tell you that I never ever tried a computerized sewing machine. So I don't know if it's worth it for a beginner.

What else does she need ? A big plastic box to keep her threads together ( I like to organized my boxes by color) and metal rods for the metal bobbins.

Painter's tape is handy for sewing straight. Seam ripper,tape measure, a very good pair of scissors, glass head pins, extra sewing machine needles, iron and ironing board, and a bar soap waste.

Is the Brother CS6000i is the Best Starter Sewing Machine ?

This is an amazing sewing machine. 25 years limited warranty + very easy to use.

...First learn how to thread, place the bobbin, adjust length and type of stiches....

...First learn how to thread, place the bobbin, adjust length and type of stiches....
...First learn how to thread, place the bobbin, adjust length and type of stiches....

Sewing Machine Accessories

SINGER Black Universal Sewing Machine Tote
SINGER Black Universal Sewing Machine Tote

The outside zipper pocket hold the foot pedal and all power cords, etc.

Singer Sew Essentials Storage System, 166 Pieces
Singer Sew Essentials Storage System, 166 Pieces

Plenty of threads, in lots of different colors


Sewing Scissors: How to Choose the Appropriate One...

Scissors should be used only for sewing, so as not to distort nor blunt.

These are relatively expensive accessories (depending on the model), but essential.


They can cut the wire, of course, but also thin fabrics, elastic, etc. .... They are essential for the ongoing work.


The rings are large enough that we have the scissors in good hands. The blades are long, to cut the fabric on a good length with each snip. One is sharp, and the other is rounded.

To cut a fabric, it must be placed on a flat surface (a table or the floor) and hold the scissors so that the blade is rounded below: thus there is no risk of scratching or scraping the table or ground.


The blades are identical, thin and pointed. They should serve to cut the wire or fine cloth, to avoid the distortion. Always keep them in their case to protect their tips.

Gingher 01-005278 Knife Edge Sewing ...

Gingher Embroidery Scissors, 4-Inch

Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker...

6 Tips for Sewing a Button

Tips for sewing a button

1. If you sew your buttons very tightly, leaving no space between the button and the fabric, try inserting a pin over the button before sewing. Once the thread sewn and tied, you can remove the pin: the button is a bit loose and easier to pass through the buttonhole;

2. For buttons that are often used, make two seams: sew the first time, cut the thread and try again. Thus, if a loose seam, the other will hold the button in place. If it is a 4-hole button, sew first in only two holes, cut the thread and then sew in the other holes. Similarly, if a loose seam, the other will hold the button.

3. Similarly, for buttons that are often used, or if the fabric is light, reinforce the fabric with a piece of fabric cut into square between the fabric and button. Ideally, I the fabric square should be smaller than the button to not see it. You can also put this piece of fabric on the other side of the cloth on which you sew the button.

4. Once sewn button, you can apply a coat of clear varnish (or glue) on the thread of on the top of the button and inside of the garment to "weld" the thread together.

5. If you do not have a button to the right color, a trick is to paint a button to the right (same) size with epoxy paint.

6. Finally, use dental floss, embroidery thread or fishing line to sew the buttons on commonly used clothing (such as coats ...): these thread are stronger and less likely to break!


HipGirl 60pc 7/8" Fabric Covered But...

Buttons Galore Haberdashery Classic ...

Art Bin Super Satchel Removable Divi...

Buttons Galore BaZooples Buttons

Cheap accessories you may love to have with your starter sewing machine

Dritz Heavy Duty Bobbin Box
Dritz Heavy Duty Bobbin Box

Holds 32 machine bobbins;

Slot for each bobbin so you can place them so that the thread does not unravel ;

Bobbins not included

Wrights 881426 Glass Head Multicolor Pins, 150-Pack
Wrights 881426 Glass Head Multicolor Pins, 150-Pack

Important : none of the heads have come off!


According to you what is the best sewing machine for beginners?

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What sewing projects do you have?

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