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Shell Wreath Ideas And Tips

Updated on September 21, 2014

Ideas. Tips And Directions To Make Shell Wreaths

If you love shell crafts as I do, then get ready to create some fun shell craft for your home or next party. These are easy to craft for your wedding if you're in a beachy theme . They would look great on the doors of your wedding venue or you can get a wreath hanger and place them wherever you want to add a little touch. If your home is beach décor, then these are perfect for you also. They make a great hostess gift if you are visiting someone who has a beach cottage. Best of all, they don't cost a lot of money to make ! Think about collecting some shells on your next beach trip and create a one of a kind memory !

You can paint your grapevine wreath before you start. Adding tones of grey, blue or white adds a new dimension to your wreath

Materials You Need - To Create Your Shell Wreath

  1. Wreath Form
  2. Shells-you will want some different sizes and colors
  3. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  4. Some Wire To Hang Your Wreath
  5. Some Ribbon You Want To Add Some Bling
  6. A Pair Of Tweezers -To place your smaller shells
  7. A Glass or Ceramic Plate -To collect your glue drippings

Shellcraft Wreath Form - Getting Started On Your Shell Wreath Project

The first thing that you will need is a base for your wreath. I like to use a more natural wreath to go with the shells. It makes all the difference in the world. But you can use a regular Styrofoam wreath. You just need to cover the entire base. These are the forms that I buy from Amazon. They are all reasonably priced. If you use a Styrofoam wreath form, you should wrap burlap or ribbon around it . It gives a more finished look ! If you go with the grapevine wreath, you may want to add some moss for a more natural look

Prep Your Seashells

Before you get started, it's a good idea to prep your shells, even if you purchased them in a store, but especially if you got them on a beach. First rinse them carefully with a garden hose in a colander.Soak the shells in tap water and some bleach for an hour or so. Use 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of bleach (depending on how big the bowl and the number of shells).Drain the shells in a colandar and rinse with tap water. Let air dry and they are ready to use

You Need Seashells - Buy Them In Bulk Or Colllect Them Yourself

I live in Florida, so it's easy for me to collect my own seashells, but in case you don't live at the beach, buying bulk is the best way to go. I like to mix the larger shells with some smaller ones, but that is strictly up to you. Place some shells up showing their inner side to add more interest

A rubber finger purchased from an office supply store or department store to protect your thumb. If right-handed, wear the rubber finger on your left thumb.

Need A Glue Gun Or Glue Sticks?

You will need a glue gun with a high temperature setting. If you are in the market for a glue gun, I recommend getting a glue gun with a dual control setting ! It was the biggest mistake when I started doing these and other floral projects.

More On How To Make Seashell Wreaths

Steps For Creating A Shell Wreath

You have gathered all your supplies so you are ready to create your own one of a kind shell wreath. Let's get started !

  1. On top of your prepared work area (you have placed a plastic tablecloth down), lay your wreath form on top of a piece of cardboard that is bigger than the wreath. I like to elevate the wreath with the cardboard on top of one of my plastic storage units.
  2. Heat your hot glue gun till it is the correct temperature. Make sure that if you are using a dual control glue gun, you have set it for the higher setting. Generally, if you see glue dripping from the gun, it is ready to go. Follow the directions from your manufacturer.
  3. Cut a length of heavy floral wire to use as your hanger. Wrap and secure it to the back side of your wreath form.
  4. With tweezers, pick up the shell in a manner that allows you to place the glue on top of the shell. Be sure you're wearing the rubber finger on your thumb
  5. Apply gentle pressure to the glue gun trigger. Be careful not to use too much glue on the seashell or you'll be cleaning it off.
  6. Clean off any extra glue with the twezzers
  7. Add a ribbon bow or any other decorative elements that you wish

Keep a small bowl of water with ice cubes handy to immerse your fingers in case of contact with the glue.

Christmas Sea Shell Wreath

How about using an evergreen wreath or an artificial wreath with some shells and red ribbon for Christmas?

Cover your work surface with a plastic tablecloth

Where To Find Seashells

If you are like me and live close to a shell beach, then you have plenty of raw materials to work with. That being said, there are plenty of resources to find bulk amounts of seashells. Ebay is one good resource. When I did my seashell/beach wedding theme. I added to my seashell stash with bulk orders on Ebay. I found this is the best and most reasonable resource.

Also check out your local thrift store. I found several bags of seashells for almost nothing in my local Goodwill Store. So don't forget to check your local thrift store, you might surprise what you find

Tell Us About Your Shell Wreath - Or Stop And Say Hello !

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    • linfcor profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda F Correa 

      4 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Living in Florida makes it fun to create shell crafts. My 2011 wedding was full of shells and my DIY shell crafts. Good luck with your project

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 

      4 years ago from United States

      What a beautiful wreath and excellent instructions! Our daughter's bathroom is all beach décor. I absolutely must make a seashell wreath for her. Thank you for the idea and the tutorial.


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