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Shrinky Dinks For Boys

Updated on April 4, 2013

Shrinky Dinks For Boys

Shrinky Dinks for boys are sure to keep most boys quiet. I remember playing with Shrinky Dinks when I was a child (although I'm not sure if they were called that back then). They were great fun because I can remember coloring them in and then asking mum to pop them in the oven for me so they could shrink.

I was amazed to find they are still around, and there are plenty more of them to buy than there used to be! I'm getting quite jealous... Anyway the boys will love these Shrinky Dink sets, for sure.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Shrinky Dinks For Boys on Amazon

If you want to know what shrinky dinks are really all about, the best way to get the answer is to get a kit from Amazon. I found you can get all manner of differently themed kits, all reasonably priced, and ideal for either boys or girls. Check out this selection, but be mindful they represent only a small part of what's actually out there.

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Shrinky Dinks
Disney Pixar Cars 2 Shrinky Dinks

Fans of Cars will love this themed pack from Disney. Do you know someone who's a Cars lover?

Shrinky Dinks Insects Activity Set
Shrinky Dinks Insects Activity Set

Eww. Insects aren't my thing, but we all know boys seem to love them. This kit will suit them down to the ground.

Creativity for Kids Shrink Fun Monster Lab
Creativity for Kids Shrink Fun Monster Lab

Admittedly this sounds like more fun. If you had to get me a kit from this collection, this would be it. Not that I'd play with it of course... ahem. Moving on.

Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff Activity Set
Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff Activity Set

Everything in this kit is COOL. So it's ideal for boys. 'Nuff said, don't you think?


My introduction to Shrinky Dinks

I had these things when I was a kid. Not sure if they were called Shrinky Dinks back then, but they were certainly pretty much identical to the kits you see around now. As I recall, I got mine as a freebie in a cereal packet. See, freebies were pretty good back then!

The principle was the same too - you'd colour them in and then pester your parents to bake them in the oven for you until they reduced in size. You'd then marvel at your amazing colouring and the size of the shrinky dink that resulted from this process.

To be honest I'm still not sure how this worked but I don't really feel the need to know - it does work, and that's all I need to know. I do remember we used to sometimes make holes in them (or were the holes already there? Not 100% sure....) so we could use them as keyrings or even necklaces. Ah, such fun to be had, either way!

It's good to know some things don't change, and these don't look to have changed much either. The best thing is they come in more variations now compared to what they used to.

Shrinky Dinks on eBay

We all know eBay is the place to go for bargains on everything, and that includes the Shrinky Dink kits. So check out the latest offers and deals and see if you can get a kit for a low price. Watch out for bargain Buy It Now kits as well as value auctions - you never know what you'll pick up.

Shrinky Dinks Commercial from 1985

Ah now this is from my era. Weren't the TV ads great back then? Bit cheesy now, admittedly... okay yes they were cheesy back then too. But didn't we get to wear superb clothes?

Let's have a debate on Shrinky Dinks for Boys

Okay so you may be new to these things or you may already be familiar with them. Either way, what do you think? Would you buy a set? Do you think they're creative, innovative and fun, or maybe lacking in something? Did you play with them when you were a kid, or are they completely new to you?

Would you buy your son a Shrinky Dinks set?

Cast Your Vote on Shrinky Dinks for Boys

Which of these kits do you like best? Shrinky Dinks come in all shapes and sizes as we've already seen, but it doesn't mean you won't have your favourites. It's good to try different kits, but which one would top your list?

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    • KateH2 profile image


      5 years ago

      Cool lens, I always come up short for what to buy boys for birthdays and Christmases.


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