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How to Make Drapes Using Grommets

Updated on August 19, 2017
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Retired now, Loraine was owner/operator of a custom window treatments business. She now shares sewing and window treatment tips and ideas.

how to make, simple grommet drapes
how to make, simple grommet drapes

If you have ever considered making your own drapes but were afraid to try because you didn't think you could make the pleats right, using grommets is the answer to your dilemma. Grommets are easy to attach and when your drapes are hung, your drapes hang as if they were pleated.

I just finished making new drapes for my patio windows using the matte, black, grommet choice. This is absolutely the easiest way that I have found to make drapes. I sewed my patio curtains with a lining because I wanted a nice finished look to them.

I made my curtains using decorator fabric, which is 52" wide and chose drapery lining fabric, which is also 52" wide. I made two panels for my patio door, making a 3.5" hem and also a 3.5" header.

Then for hanging the curtains, I used the grommets. They are extremely easy to use. Use eight of them for each panel. In other words, for a set of drapes I purchased two packages. With the package of grommets you receive a circle template that you use to mark where you are going to attach them.

When you cut the circle out of the curtain, you'll want to cut close, but on the outside of the circle. Then place the front side of the grommet (the side with the little teeth) on the front side of the drape and snap the back side into the front piece. It's as simple as that.

Attach all your grommets, hang your curtains, and stand back and admire your fantastic new look. I love the way the curtain folds back when pushed to the side of the rod.

Tips to share:

*You can buy curtains, add the grommets and have great looking drapes. Or change a shower curtain by adding them.

*When using grommets with decorator fabric, which is heavier than a regular cotton fabric, don't use a header tape at the top of the drapes. This makes the fabrics too thick.

*Pin or run a basting stitch an inch or so from the outside of your drawn placement circle if you are worried that the fabrics might shift when you are putting in the grommets.

*If your grommets don't want to snap together easily, check that the hole that you've cut in the fabric is big enough. If you have to make it a bit larger, cut a small amount of fabric at a time, so you don't make the hole too big. After one or two grommets, you'll know exactly how much fabric to cut, so don't get flustered.


Photo Gallery

This is a photo of my Patio Curtain with grommets, closed
This is a photo of my Patio Curtain with grommets, closed
This is a photo of my Patio Curtain with grommets, open.
This is a photo of my Patio Curtain with grommets, open.

How to Hang Grommet Drapes

© 2013 Loraine Brummer

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      jen09 writes 3 years ago

      Sounds like a great idea!