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Decorate And Embellish Objects Using Small Crocheted Motifs!

Updated on February 18, 2015
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Let's Upcycle Something Fun Using Crocheted Flowers & More!

If you're anything like me, you can't resist a box of crocheted motifs or squares at a thrift store. Hey, somebody put a lot of love and effort into that work! If you're lucky enough to own some, you can do a zillion things with them. You can...

- Decorate a hat, as I have done here!

- Decorate a shirt!

- Make a freeform doily, a table runner, even a bedspread, if you have enough!

- Turn some into a pretty headband

- Make a cool tote bag

- Decorate a pillowcase

- Make a hair clip

- Make a matching ensemble of accessories

- Arrange them into a picture and frame it

Basically your imagination is the only limit!

As a crochet designer, I have a lot of "false starts" in thread, little flowers I started to design and put aside, or other objects... and I've kept them all! In this lens I'll show you what I decided to do with mine. Maybe it is something you'd enjoy doing too!

If you don't have any crocheted flower motifs yet, you can find links to all of my crochet flower and other patterns through the link to my index of crochet patterns below.

Just have fun - there are no rules! All you need are your motifs, a needle and invisible or matching sewing thread to attach them.

Here's My Hat...

All content SheilaSchnauzies

Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks ~Complete Set of All 8 Sizes!
Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks ~Complete Set of All 8 Sizes!

I own and love every size of this crochet hook. They allow me to keep crocheting despite severe arthritis in my hands.


Let's Transform A Sun Hat! - My husband gave this to me - I love the hat but I'm definitely not rocking the golf motif!

Here's a photo of our "before" hat. No offense intended to Titleist... it's a great hat for golfers! But it has a few golf logos I'd like to never see again! Maybe you have an old hat lying around that you love for its function, but would like to change its appearance? Here's your chance! Gather up all the crocheted objects you have lying around and make a "picture" out of them as I have done here! My method was simple - I just tacked the flowers onto the hat with invisible nylon thread.

If you don't have crocheted flowers lying around, I have lots of free patterns available for them! Just check my link to my pattern index below. Or, of course, there are lots of free crochet patterns out here and elsewhere on the Internet!

Covering Up Logo #1

Covering The Second Logo... - (When I Was Finished, I Clipped All The Stray Threads)

"Crochet thread is the ink with which I will sign my life." –SheilaSchnauzies

Proud To Be An Associate Professional Member Of CGOA - The Crochet Guild of America

Please Crochet Your Name In My Guestbook! - Kidding, Just Signing Is Fine!

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