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The Smurfs Printable Coloring Pages

Updated on June 26, 2014

The Smurfs

The Smurfs are a wonderfully simple creation of Belgian cartoonist Peyo, who launched the lovable blue characters in 1958 via a comic strip.

Over time an entire community of Smurfs emerged, with over 100 characters now part of the storyline; all are the color blue and named by the adjective which describes them.

For example, there are Farmer Smurf, Painter Smurf, Grouchy Smurf, Jokey Smurf, Lazy Smurf, Miner Smurf, and Poet Smurf, among dozens of others. The blue color and identifiable characters of each Smurf based upon its name, makes it very easy to keep track of what could have been a complicated social situation for children or adults to follow.

In the beginning there were only male Smurfs featured in the story, but that changed with the introduction of 'Smurfette' into the family of Smurfs. Sassette was also added to the series later on.

All of this makes for great fun, and the simplicity and easy-to-follow group of little blue creatures have retained their popularity over 50 years, and have been a part of the lives of most children over the last couple of decades, as they became very popular and ubiquitous.

Consequently, the little creatures are fantastic images to include in printable coloring pages on the Internet, which can be instantly downloaded and colored by children. In this article a few of them are included in order to to have access to them immediately, as well as to show examples of what to expect when looking for them on behalf of children.

Smurf Printable of Him Playing with Blocks

When looking for coloring pages or printables for the children in my life, I tend to search for a couple of things that make it more compelling and interesting for children, while providing a couple of different designs in the digital illustration if there are a couple of different age groups wanting to participate in the activity.

This one of the Smurf playing with blocks is a great example of what to look for under those conditions. What you want is some larger areas to color in for smaller children, like the Smurf himself below, along with some more detailed areas for more skilled children who would probably get bored with larger, open spaces.

In that case the blocks are terrific additions to the coloring challenge, as well as offers opportunities to use all sorts of colors with the different images, numbers and letters on them.


'Painter' Smurf Carrying Brushes and Pencil

Since the Smurfs are named based upon their personality or what they do, I'm assuming this is 'Painter' Smurf, or possibly 'Artist' Smurf. No doubt the children who are fans of The Smurfs will quickly and easily instruct you on which particular Smurf this is.

Whichever one he is, he is a great illustration to color in, with that wonderfully happy look and good attitude as he travels on the way to where he is going to do his work. Again, the options for a variety of colors make this a good choice for creative children.


Smurfette Carrying Baby Smurf

Here's an image you never saw with the earlier Smurf works because it was all male Smurfs at that time.

This is the cute and feminine Smurfette, whom as mentioned earlier, was the first female Smurf introduced into the Smurf world. She was a great choice and quickly became one of the more popular and recognizable of all Smurfs.

For some children it would really be an enjoyable image to color in.


Smurf Coloring Page with Forest Scene

This next Smurf printable was included because it shows how you can incorporate some learning elements into the coloring exercise, in this case with the variety of things you may find in a forest when walking around in it.

There are the trees and bushes, feather he found that he is holding in his hand, the mushrooms on the tree, mushrooms on the ground, the fallen leaf, and the flowers growing at the base of the illustration.

Altogether it provides a wonderful coloring canvass and opportunity to talk some about the things residing in the mysterious forest waiting to be found.


Two Smurfs Relaxing by River

A couple of little friends or buddies coloring together would enjoy this image of two little Smurfs relaxing and enjoying hanging out together near the meandering river.

The nice grass and vegetation, along with the flowers, shrubs, trees, mushroom and fluttering butterfly, offer all sorts of opportunities to get creative with a variety of colors. This is another image which could be used as a light learning lesson as you interact with the child or children working on the coloring page.


Terrific Smurf Printable Coloring Pages

As you can see from these Smurf printables, children are justified in their fascination with the little guys and gals, and there is enough of them online to satisfy even the most insatiable coloring fan of the blue race out their.

Since the Smurfs are usually involved with some activity, it provides a wide variety of objects and scenarios they're placed in for the children to learn from while they're coloring.

That's why many printable coloring pages are good tools for parents, grandparents or caretakers to use when wanting to interact with the child in a receptive environment.


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