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Beautiful Snow Fairy Wallpapers

Updated on December 6, 2012

Snow Fairy Wallpapers

It may sound simple and easy to understand, but the Snow Fairy is actually more interesting than that in general, because it could represent everything from a band, a play, to a work of art, among other things, including the popular Yu-Gi-Oh.

In this article we're focusing on Snow Fairy art that can be used as wallpapers for a computer or other screens a person may use.

Most Snow Fairy digital art includes whites, grays, and blue hues as the major colors incorporated into the designs, although there are always exceptions to that general rule. Here we'll look at Snow Fairy wallpapers that incorporate those particular colors into the designs, as they seem to look the best overall.

Using Snow Fairy wallpapers create sense of the magical and the idea that anything could happen.

The digital art and creativity are fantastic, and are an amazing way to keep your imagination in tune with a fantasy world that can inspire you.

Having some Snow Fairy wallpapers on your computer is a must for those looking for inspiration and motivation during very practical times and situations.

Snow Fairy Ballerina

First is that beautiful image of a Snow Fairy ballerina gliding along in the flowing robe while her wings flutter and move her to the inner music resounding within her.

I love how she is floating over the water, or walking on it as a water spider we have seen when viewing them run along the top of the surface. It's an image that must accompany this Snow Fairy as she dances on top of the water while the snow falls around her.

Isn't this a fantastic image to look at and appreciate while being inspired?


Snow Fairy Wallpaper with Blue Background

The color in this Snow Fairy wallpaper is stunning, with the blue background providing an amazing canvass to showcase her form and beauty.

My favorite part of all Snow Fairies are the wings, of which those on this Fairy are beautiful, as is the cute outfit chosen for here to wear, which complements the overall illustration.

It seems to be designed in a way that the Fairy is placed in a snowstorm in which the beating of her wings seems to clear things up around her so she can be seen on our part, and not disrupted by the snow on hers.


Asian Snow Fairy Wallpaper

This Snow Fairy looks awesome in that the artist portrays her in a way that hides her within the lights and color, giving the impression that she is one with her environment.

That is especially so with the blinking, flickering lights and the gown she is wearing. Also adding to the effect is the color of her hair and the background in the upper part of the work. Her skin tone also is including in that blending in with her surroundings.

It looks amazing, but my one uncertainty is what appears to be wings that are only partially there or remaining, as if something broke them at one time. Either that or it's simply her standing in front of tree branches.

I think it's her wings though, and it somewhat interferes with the rest of the design, but it still looks great.

snow fairy
snow fairy | Source

Snow Fairy in Woods

What I like about this Snow Fairy wallpaper is there's a mystery as to what it is that she is doing, which adds to the quality of the image, which is made to inspire wonder for those viewing it.

Is she reaching out to touch some bright light or is something going forth from her hand for a purpose? We aren't told in any way, and it generates the curiosity that such a photo should inspire in us all.

The setting is a beautiful one in the midst of the snow-covered land and winter pine trees.

She fits the Snow Fairy profile of blending in somewhat with her surroundings, which is part of what makes these art works so compelling to use and appreciate.

Snow Fairy with Polar Bears

Here we have a wonderful image of a Snow Fairy who has attracted the attention of a mama polar bear and her cub, but which feel no fear or worry over the creature in front of them, who also is portrayed as mostly disinterested in her furry visitors.

She seems to be deep in thought as her toes seem to touch the surface of the icy waters as her hand reaches down to do the same. Of course Snow Fairies aren't bothered by the cold, so it would be similar to human beings touching the surface of water in the summer time.

It's a beautiful scene, and one that works very well in the soft snow that's falling around all of them.

The wings of this Fairy are exquisite, and probably the favorite of all those I've seen.


Gorgeous Snow Fairy Wallpapers

Snow Fairy wallpapers are among my personal favorites. It's probably because I was born and spent the early years of my adult life in northern Minnesota, where even a Snow Fairy may shiver from the cold.

Even though I now live in the southern part of the United States, I never lose my enthusiasm or appreciation for the beauty of the winter, while being also aware of its harshness at times.

These wallpapers show the beauty of the areas of the world that enjoy snow and cool weather, depicting the softer side that so many of us enjoy so much.

Reminding one's self of that is aided by these wonderful wallpapers that can be viewed at any time to enjoy the beauty and wonder represented and interpreted with these Snow Fairy images.


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    • heavenleigh707 profile image

      Heaven L Burkes 

      6 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Ahhhhh! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us!!! A very Fairy Christmas to you! xo


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