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Fun Snowman Crafts For Kids

Updated on June 27, 2017

A snowman or snowwoman is a great theme for a kid's craft project. You probably have all the materials you need to complete this project in your home, so the cost is super inexpensive. And you can have fun mixing up the usual seasonal art work by making a snowman craft during the hot summer months, as well as making one in the winter when we think more about these cute snow creatures.

Very Easy Snowman Craft Idea


This very easy craft idea for kids is made with scissors, glue, cotton balls, construction paper, and a marker. Make the roundish shaped body of your snowman on construction paper and cut it out. Then draw circles where the cotton balls should be placed. Cut out mittens, a scarf, and a hat. Glue all your pieces in place and make a snowman mouth and eyes with your marker.

You can also make this craft a snowwoman by making the bottom circle look more like a skirt. Or you can just make it round and decorate her eyes a bit more and add a fancy scarf...maybe one with some flowers, whatever you think makes her look pretty.

The Button Snowman Card


Fold some cardstock to make it card size. Stamp some designs on the card and gather your button jar. Choose three nice sized buttons and glue them to they look like a snowman. Cut out a paper or felt hat shape, tie some string to make a bow for this guy's neck, and you've got a great looking holiday card. Or you can place this cute card in a picture frame to decorate a table or your mantel.

Don't you just love button crafts? I find them so attractive. You can add so many little touches to your arts and crafts when you use buttons.

The Sock Snowman Craft Project


The kids might need your help to make this sock craft project, but trust me, it will be fun for everyone. Just look how cute these little sock characters are. To make a sock snowman you will need:

  • Stuffing
  • Baby Sock – black works best
  • Fabric Glue
  • Ladies size white ankle sock
  • Cotton
  • Orange craft foam
  • Card
  • Buttons or Sequins
  • Ribbon in your choice of color
  • Brown Felt

Click on the picture to get the complete step by step directions or watch the video below to see how to make this adorable snowman.

How To Make A Sock Snowman! Cute Winter Craft

Fingerprint Snowman Craft For Kids


Crafts made using kid's fingerprints are some of my very favorites. These easy to make crafts will become a keepsake you will treasure as your kids get older. And they are very easy to make! You get to decide how big you want your snowmen to be by using two or three fingerprints.

Gather your paper, craft paints, and colored markers before you begin.

Dip your children's fingers in the white craft paint and press the fingers onto the paper, repeat two or three times until your paper looks like the one pictured up above. Make as many snowmen as you like.

When the white paint is completely dry, add an orange nose, some black eyes, a mouth, and some stick arms. Don't forget to draw or paint in a scarf and hat...or cut these shapes out of felt and glue them in place. This craft is so simple and has such great results, I give them out as gifts to Grandma and Grandpa. They look great in a frame!

How To Make A Melted Snowman


Felt is the main supply you will need to make these very funny melted snowmen. You simply gather some felt fabric sheets in the colors you choose...white is perfect for the melted snowman and the snowflakes. Black is usually the color of the hat and brown felt is usually used to make arms that look like sticks. The snowman's head is a foam craft marshmallow with the nose, mouth, and eyes painted on or applied with colored markers. If you find any snowflake sequins you can glue them to your paper instead of trying to cut them out. Cut out your shapes and glue them onto a piece of construction paper or cardstock.

Easy Paper Snowman Ornament DIY

Wanna Build a Snowman? - How to Make Fake Snow


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