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Gorgeous Snow Queen and Snow Princess Wallpapers

Updated on July 28, 2015

Snow Queen and Snow Princess Products

Beautiful Snow Queen and Snow Princess Wallpapers

For those who may know the stories of the Snow Queen and Snow Princess, they'll be aware that they're based upon two completely different characters; one from the famed writer Hans Christian Andersen (Snow Queen).

The Snow Princess is a book inspired by the Russian ballet "The Snow Maiden," and was also an animated film produced by the same name in 2008.

My purpose in this article isn't to dwell on these stories, but to examine and look at some wonderful and beautiful wallpapers which would look fantastic on a computer or other screen to enjoy and share with others.

I'm not going to distinguish much between the Snow Princess or Snow Queen as it relates to the wallpaper art, as some people designing the work fail to do so, and they aren't all creating the images based upon either one of these stories, but rather upon an imagining of what a Snow Queen or Snow Princess would look like. Not all do that, but enough do to make it clumsy to attempt to differentiate between all rather than just appreciate the art for itself.

So I'm going share and comment upon the Snow Queen and Snow Princess Wallpapers for their impact and beauty rather than where they come from and why.

After all, it's how the art affects us that matters, not why it's there and who it is.

Snow Queen Wallpaper

The art surrounding this beautiful Snow Queen image is astounding, with the environment and how she blends into it speaking volumes as to who she is and what she represents.

Here hair, fingers, skin tone and outfit all work together to create this awesome wallpaper.

Just as enchanting as the Queen is the icy works of art surrounding her, which she dwells in perpetually. The hanging icicles add a terrific look, as does what appears to be an ice waterfall in the back, center of the picture. Fantastic!

snow queen snow princess wallpapers
snow queen snow princess wallpapers | Source

Colorful Snow Princess Wallpaper

This is a beautiful interpretation and presentation of how a Snow Princess is imagined. Unique to this photo is the inclusion of color in the scene. Normally the colors of a Snow Queen or Princess are whites and silvers which go with the snowy and icy backgrounds accompanying the subject matter.

Having this Snow Princes wearing a soft yellow while carrying a red umbrella makes her stick out from the snow-covered forest background, although the yellow gown and white trim help soften the image so there is still the sense she belongs in this environment.

The snow saturating the design also helps her to ft in nicely with the rest of the picture.

snow princess wallpaper
snow princess wallpaper | Source

Beautiful Snow Queen Wallpaper Ilustration

Although not as easy to see in regard to detail, this is probably my favorite of all the wallpapers depicting a Snow Princess or Snow Queen. This is especially so because of the way the lines were used to combine all the elements together into one; especially the Snow Queen with the rest of the elements in the image.

Also standing out nicely is the little boy kneeling before her. His draw clothing helps him to stick out and communicate the fact that he is the object of her scrutiny and attention.

But this is mostly about art, and my favorite part of the work is her face resting on her hand, which you can see in the midst of the rest of the work, which flows together otherwise. Great effect.


Wallpaper of Snow Princess Holding Umbrella

This Snow Princess wallpaper has a feel of Gothic to it, even though it is largely a light image, as far as it relates to the woman (with the exception of her dark hair), designed against the darker imagery of the trees in the background.

If you're at all familiar with Gothic art or accessories, you would immediately recognize the umbrella as bearing a resemblance to that, even though it is colored white. Most Gothic umbrellas are black or dark gray, but the lace is also a part of the design, and so relates to it.

The layered dress of this Snow Princess looks fantastic, as does the subtle blue hue color of it. Interesting is the loud blue seemingly emanating from her left has as she glides away. You get the sense of something magical there.

It's a very beautiful and feminine look.


Snow Queen on Bridge Wallpaper

There are a lot of amazing elements in this Snow Queen wallpaper that really make it look stunningly beautiful.

First there are the flowering trees encompassing her and the bridge, seemingly made for the purpose of declaring her to us. The color of her clothes is designed magnificently, changing hues as it goes from top to bottom; based upon the light and background she stands in.

The light breaking through around her creates an image of royalty and grandeur that she is apparently worthy of. And those two swans moving towards her on the frozen pond seems to confirm and declare this is an important person to deal with as they pay homage to her.

Her beckoning hand inviting the swans to approach here is an amazing image, as is the stunning bridge design that is worthy of the Snow Queen.

It's a beautiful wallpaper that would look great on any computer or screen you may use.


Snow Queen and Snow Princess Wallpapers

What a nice group of wallpapers that would be inspirational and wonderful to look at while we go about our work days.

Even if we're discouraged and down, or tired and exhausted, taking a look at one of these beautiful Snow Queens or Snow Princesses will surely relieve a bit of the drudgery and lift our spirits up a bit.

For those that are already uplifted, it wouldn't take much to go to another level when viewing the extraordinary wallpapers shared here which give a not towards a women being able to adapt to the circumstances life throws at her, and do it with aplomb and dignity.


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    • M. T. Dremer profile image

      M. T. Dremer 5 years ago from United States

      Thanks for collecting these wallpapers! I live in a place where snow is usually common this time of year, but we've had two weak winters in a row. I struggle to get into the holiday spirit without it, so I've turned to desktop wallpapers to sort of fill the void. Thanks again!