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Knitted Soccer / Sport Scarves Knitting Patterns

Updated on September 15, 2014

Knit Sport Scarves / Soccer Scarf & Hats

Knit soccer scarves and sport caps for men and women are a must to look sporty fan while watching your favorite team playing.

My family wear sport hats, sport shirts and sport scarves while watching our team at home. In fact if you are fortunate to have grown up kids, you can go to the stadium to watch your favorite team play with your sport scarf round your neck to show your support.

UK Football Scarves And Hats Knitting Tips And Ideas - Football Scarves And Hats Knitting Patterns

UK Football Scarf Knitting Patterns
UK Football Scarf Knitting Patterns

How to knit football scarf and hats. You will need to buy the knitting yarn color of your favorite team. You will also need a football scarf pattern or a football hat pattern that will direct you on how to knit the sport scarf.

Examples of the knitting yarn color you can use:

* Red and white

* Blue and white

* Sky Blue

* Black and Gold

The choice of your football team colors you can use to knit the sport scarves or soccer hats is endless.

Photo Credits: Strand Wools UK

Free crochet pattern for all-american scarf for men

Crochet Sport be proud scarf for women

Heroic Stripes Women scarf free pattern

Stripy women heroic free knitting pattern

You can custom-make your team soccer jerseys and kits with their colors and every other messages that you like

How To Use Self- Striping Yarn Different Colors to Knit Scarves - And Other Knitting Projects

Knit One, Stripe Too: Making the Most of Self-striping Yarn
Knit One, Stripe Too: Making the Most of Self-striping Yarn

Looking for a magic yarn? Try self-striping yarn--and watch the fibers perform knitting miracles! This incredible variety of projects is specially designed for striped yarns. See amazing colors and patterns show up naturally as you knit.

* Packed with 27 projects for self-striping yarns, most easy enough for novice knitters

* Choose from sweaters, skirts, socks, mitts, slippers, scarves, bags, and more

* Start with horizontally and vertically knit designs, then move on to diagonal, mitered, and circular techniques


Do You Wear Sport Scarf To Support Your Team? - Please Leave Your Comments

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      tinaanne 5 years ago

      my children do. nice lens

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      inifd2010 5 years ago

      nice information on Knitted Soccer / Sport Scarves Knitting Patterns

      thanks for sharing

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