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Sock and Slipper Patterns

Updated on June 2, 2011

Unique Sock and Slipper Patterns

Feet need presents too! Make sure you give your tootsies something pretty and warm to wear this holiday season. Socks and slippers are popular gifts during the holidays, especially slippers because they're easy to make.

Lens Updated: 3/19/11

Croc Socks
Croc Socks

Croc Socks- Crochet Pattern

designed by Carol Ballard

From Carol Ballard:

Don't you just love your Crocs?? Now you can keep your toes toasty warm in the fall and winter using these inserts in your summer Crocs and clogs!!

Croc Socks Pattern- $3

This pattern requires a Ravelry account to view.

Twinkling Trellis Socks
Twinkling Trellis Socks

Twinkling Trellis Socks- Knit Pattern

designed by stickfia at Ravelry

From stickfia:

The cuff and upper part of the leg is knitted with more stitches than the lower part of the leg and the foot. The pattern is designed this way to fit us sturdy built people that have significantly wider calves than ankles. Upper part of the leg, in size Medium, is knitted on 84 stitches, lower part of the leg on 72 stitches and the foot on 70 stitches. The pattern "pulls in" quite good - almost like ribbing. So I belive that the socks may fit more slender legs too.

Twinkling Trellis Socks Pattern- $3

Coming Up Roses
Coming Up Roses

Coming Up Roses- Knit Pattern

designed by Emily Miller

From Emily Miller:

You can download the pattern for $4.25, then choose a yarn that is soft, smooth and light, to discover a sock rich in luxurious, feminine details. Your socks will feature custom-toe up fit and the polished formality of a turned-hem cuff. Every step can remind you of a fanciful afternoon in an elegant rose garden.

Coming Up Roses Pattern- $4.25

Pearlâs Diamond Socks
Pearlâs Diamond Socks

Pearl's Diamond Socks- Knit Pattern

designed by Emily Miller

From Emily Miller:

Recently I faced the difficult question: What do you do for the milestone birthday of someone who's worth their weight in precious gems? I knew my aunt Pearl was hoping for knitted socks, but I wanted to do something more for the person who has sheltered, fed, and supported me in so many ways. I designed Pearl's Diamond Socks in her name, both to commemorate her birthday and to support a cause important to us.

Pearl has been fighting leukemia for a long time, and this knitting pattern will benefit an organization that does that same. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society provides research funding and patient support to those people fighting blood cancers in labs or in daily life. This organization puts donations to good use, and I will donate the proceeds from Pearl's Diamond Socks in honor of my aunt Pearl in the hopes of raising spirits, awareness, and medical knowledge for people fighting these diseases.

Pearl's Diamond Socks Pattern- $5 donation

Which is your favorite pattern?

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    • profile image

      CanAnybodySing 6 years ago

      Those are some interesting socks and slippers

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Love the croc socks...

    • profile image

      Kaafscorner 6 years ago

      I'm loving these sock and slipper patterns - lovely lens.

    • profile image

      tssfacts 7 years ago

      I really need those Croc Socks. What a great idea.