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Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Drawing

Updated on June 14, 2013

I hope you get something out of one of these tutorials. My goal is to raise the quality of these as time goes on. And Im going to really take your information and feedback seriously.

The sonic universe has been a beacon for some amazing characters. Characters added in the game have stuck a cord with an audience of gamers. Characters like tails, knuckles, amy, and shadow the hedgehog. There's an underlying formula to drawing these characters. I go over this way.

I wont go over specific drawing techniques in this particular paragraph. The important thing to take away from this is proportion. Most sonic characters in that universe have similar proportions of body type. Remember this body type so that you can apply it. There are exceptions to every rule. Although this will give you a good start. Remember the oversized head,hands, and feet.

Also, keep in mind that proportions from the original genesis days have changed. If you look at games. Since the creation of the Sonic Adventure game on the dreamcast, sonic have had a taller, sleeker look. The newer proportions make him look more grown up. And indeed he kind of has grown up through game history in our eyes.

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Sonic Proportions

Speed Painting of Sonic

In the painting above, i start with a preliminary sonic drawing I did with marker and i carry it over to photoshop. I used adobe photoshop CS5. My goal was to render sonic as much as I could. Sonic is one of my most beloved characters and I absolutely enjoyed the entire process.

Technical aspects:

When begining to paint, I start in a "mutiply layer".

-I put the base colors in first. Things like large masses of blue, yellow, etc.

-Once I have my colors in, I go in with my values. The amount of shadows or dark,light.

-Then I blend the shadows in the color with the shadows in the light. When blending i was trying hard not to make it overly smooth.

-Overly smooth characters can look stiff and plastic. SO while making the surface smoother, i was careful not to take away any angularity in the sonic base drawing. The smoothness needed to add to the look, not take away.

-Eventually I reached a level where I was just repairing, and I go into autopilot when doing that.

Look at the original drawing in a video below.

The below videos go over more of the line art structure. The line art is the basis for everything. Each video is also narrated. Please watch the videos below to see the step by step process in real time.

The videos are short and to the point. I go into the thought process of how I begin to draw. I talk through every step in my mind.

I use a magic marker, and a pencil. No special tools required.

sonic the hedgehog comic

How to Draw Tails

Sonic the Hedgehog Online

How to Draw Knuckles - Sonic the Hedgehog Comic

How to Draw Amy - Sonic the Hedgehog Online

How to Draw Sally - Sonic the Hedgehog Comic

The importance of practice.

Practice as much as you can. When you en devour on any skill, the first many tried will not be great. Keep persistent, attack your weaknesses. There is a lot to be gained by practicing. My hope is that you can create you can add to the sonic universe.

Learning from your Mistakes

Learn your ego at the door. We all make mistakes. But the ones that improve faster, are those that learn from them. If you notice you are drawing one arm too long all the time, correct that.

Don't rationalize a mistake in your mind, just acknowledge it, and move forward. Keep pushing it. PUSH IT! We all hit plateaus, the only way over it, is to push your comfort zone and do those mental pushups.

I love the sonic universe and would love to spread the word on anything sonic. With every new fan of sonic i bring in, the better. I also want to help those that are fans draw their favorite characters. Spread the love. Thanks everyone to all the support that's been shown to me.

I would love feedback on what other ideas I can do, or what else you need help on. Let me know.

If there's a character from the conic universe, you'd like to see me do, please comment below.


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