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FREE Crochet Pattern, Sparkling Daisy Motif And Optional Barrette Or Pin

Updated on January 15, 2015
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Let's Crochet A Pretty Daisy And Embellish It!

What says Summer like a pretty Daisy! "Fresh as a daisy," "pretty as a daisy"... this flower just says fresh and summer on a stem... or in your hair, like mine!

I wanted to pay homage to this delightful summer perennial with a design that would feature its pretty shape and variety of color themes. You'll be able to do just about anything with this daisy motif! You can put it on a hair clip as I did, use it as motifs and design yourself a daisy doily, stiffen it and add a hanger for a pretty decoration, or even applique it onto a top or jean jacket. It's up to you! Make it in any size thread or yarn.

Do enjoy making lots of daisies with my free crochet pattern!

Get The Hooks I Use! - You Will LOVE Them!

Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks, No. 0/1.75mm
Clover Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hooks, No. 0/1.75mm

Simply the best crochet hook ever, in my opinion!


What You Will Need

Crochet hook size C or your preferred size

#3 Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Ice Crochet Thread in white, yellow and green (to make example)

DMC Senso thread in Gold Sparkle

Optional: 3" blank Alligator hair clip (sold where jewelrymaking supplies are sold)

For Optional Crystal & Gemstone Add-Ons

Round Point Jewelry Pliers

Wire Nipper

Swarovski 12 mm Crystal Bead

5 MM Amber (gemstone) beads

8X10 mm Citrine (gemstone) flat oval beads

#22 Copper Wire (available where jewelry making supplies are sold)

How To Make The Magic Happen!

Special Stitch Used: 5-Single Crochet Popcorn (5SCP)

Work 5 SC's in designated space. Drop final loop. Insert hook in preceding chain space before popcorn. Pull dropped loop through tightly and chain 1 to close.

With Yellow Bamboo Ice, chain 6, join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1

Chain 1, work *5-SCP in ring, chain 1 to close, chain 1. Repeat twice (3 popcorns). Join to first stitch.

Round 2

CH 1, work (5SCP, ch 2, 5SCP) in same space you're in. Ch 2, work (5SCP, CH 2, 5SCP) in next space. Repeat * around.

Round 3

Repeat Round 2, fasten off.

Round 4

Attach Gold Sparkle Senso in any ch 2 space. CH 1, work (5SCP, ch 2, 5SCP) in same space you're in. Ch 3, work (5SCP, CH 3, 5SCP) in next space. Repeat * around. Fasten off. (10 popcorns)

Round 5

Attach White Bamboo Ice in any ch 3 space. *CH 8. SC in 2nd ch from hook and in next SC. HDC in next 2 chains. DC in next two chains. HDC in next chain. SC into base of petal. Slip stitch into ch 3 space. Work second identical petal in same space. Ch 1, work 2 petals in next space. Repeat from * ending with ch 1, slip stitch in first petal. Fasten off.


Attach Green in slip stitch between any two petals. (*CH 10. SC in 2nd ch from hook and in next chain. HDC in next ch. DC in next 2 ch. HDC in next ch. SC in last ch. Slip stitch in base of your ch-10). Repeat from (*) once to make second leaf. Ch 2, slip stitch between next 2 petals. Repeat in next two sets of two petals. Fasten off.

Attaching Gemstones With Copper Wire

This is something you'll find useful to know if you have always wanted to make jewelry! I'm planning to do a whole lens on this subject so watch for that. Meanwhile I've provided you with a YouTube tutorial or two.

If you do not want to learn to coil wire, you can always fix the gemstones in place with your choice of glue method.

The inner circle contains Amber beads, about 6 mm.

The daisy petals are each decorated with a 10X12 mm genuine Citrine, other than the few petals decorated with Swarovski gemstones.

The green leaves are adorned with 6 mm green bicone Swarovski's.

I've accented the piece with two 12mm Swarovski crystals in green and white, along with a little copper bee just for fun!

The attachment method is pretty simple. Cut a 1.5" piece of 22-gauge copper wire with your wire nippers. Make 1-1/2 coils on one end, enough that the gem can't fall off. Insert the wire through the drill hole in the gemstone and through the petal wherever you'd like it. Now bring that end from the back through the front about 1/4" away from the first wire insertion. Grasp that end with pliers and pull the gemstone securely in place. (Not TOO hard or you might pull it out!) Coil the free end with round nose pliers until you can fold it over the edge of the gemstone. Voila!

In the picture, I've made the wire with the first coil done. It's ready to attach to the petal.

Learn Copper Wire Coiling On YouTube! - It's Really Easy!

What Do You Say? - Come On, You Can Tell Me!

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A Word About Thread Selection...

Choose any brand or size of thread you like... as long as you use very similar size and thickness, the pattern will work fine. You can even make it in yarn, with the appropriately sized hook!

You can further decorate your daisy with things like the copper bee bead I used. These types of beads are widely available where jewelry making supplies are sold.

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