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Stained Glass Suncatcher Cross

Updated on December 1, 2013

Stained Glass Suncatcher Cross

When I first learned how to make stained glass, I had some people ask me for stained glass suncatcher cross items. These are a very popular type of stained glass that people are always looking to buy.

Stained glass crosses make great additions to any home (sometimes even if people aren't very religious), and are also a great present for the religious person in your life.

These stained glass cross suncatchers can vary from simple to ornate - it all depends on the inspiration the artist had when making them. Now that I am getting back into making stained glass, a suncatcher cross will be one of the first few things I make!

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What Kind of Stained Glass Cross Suncatchers Do You Like?

I have been having a bit of a hiatus from stained glass for a couple years now. Life kind of took over which I feel happens to people everywhere at some point in their lives. I am now ready to start making this type of artwork again and think I will probably start with a few suncatchers as they can be very impressive and I have quite a few religious people in my family.

I have dallied in these specific suncatchers in the past and have made a few different "subtypes" if you want to call them that. I have done some beveled suncatchers which are generally premade kits (like you can find here) but I truly prefer coming up with my own unique patterns and designs. I am thinking of doing one with roses or flowers twining around it - I think that red flowers around a brown or even white cross would look pretty spectacular!

Once I have it made I will post the picture here in this section for you to see!

Stained Glass Suncatcher - Crosses And Other Religious Art Patterns

Do you already have a stained glass suncatcher cross?

Do you already have a stained glass cross suncatcher?

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Do you have a stained glass suncatcher cross?

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