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Stationary - a guilty pleasure?

Updated on September 25, 2012

I don't know about you, but I seem to find stationary a bit of a guilty pleasure. It started from my childhood, getting ready for the new school year and having a chance to go shopping for some cool new stationary!!

My Mum even loved this time of year. We would spend ages in WH Smith browsing all the aisles for the perfect pencil case, folder, pens, pencils....I'm sure you get the idea.

As an adult, nothing much has changed...

Studio Ochee Limited Edition Notebooks
Studio Ochee Limited Edition Notebooks

Grown Up Notebooks

...we never grow out of it really

As an adult I try to limit what I buy. We have to be sensible in the current climate. Some occasional purchases, however, are allowed. Every now and then, when I'm planning a new project, whether that's a short story, a new journal, making plans for a new website etc, I treat myself to a smart new notebook. I know then that I will take care of what I'm writing and keep the book safe.

People even buy me notebooks as presents, especially if they have cool comic characters on or funky designs that suit my style.

I recently found some awesome notebooks by a company called Studio Ochee. They make a whole range of products, but these books are special. They are made with recycled paper and just look funky!

The Bad Sheep Boutique currently stock 5 of these limited edition designs, among other cute products.

What do you think of this lens?

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