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Stop Boredom with Kids Crafts

Updated on June 6, 2016

Stop Boredom with Kids Crafts and Create Fun

Stop Boredom with Kid Crafts. I can't tell you how many time I have heard children say I'm Bored! This is the time to bring out the crafts. Children need to have creative outlets just like adults that is why kid crafts are so important. Since children have fewer experiences than we do it up to us to inititate the crafting experience for them. I have many craft ideas which I use to give children opportunities to be creative. We all know about coloring books and crayons, but have you ever though about using Sulpey clay? I have and it it ever fun and can keep the kids entertained and creative for hours. Kids crafts a great way to prevent boredom.

The use of clay for children is not a new concept. However, sulpy clay is a bit different from play dough or modeling clay. Children can use their imaginations and develop eye hand coordination in the process. Using a material such as clay as a creative outlet stimulates the child mind. As a teacher I have given sculpy clay to some of my most challenging students and allowed them to create object which are not only decorative, but can be useful at the same time.

Sculpey clay is unique in that when the project is completed it is them baked in a simple toaster oven or home oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. It create a wonderful plastic object which can be painted or used as a decorative piece for display or use. Some of the things the kids in my class liked making were imaginary creatures, beads, pendants and other useful things. I can't think of a time when there was such a way for a child to express themselves creatively and be able to make use of the art they designed.

Fun with Sculpey Clay

Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay, 1.75-Pound, White
Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay, 1.75-Pound, White

The original sculpey clay can be painted when projects have been completed. Easy to work with and does not set until baked in a toaster or regular oven.


Sculpey Clay for KIds

Easy Techniques

Some Cool Easy Sculpey Clay Techniques

If you have worked with play dough or modeling clay the techniques is the same. The clay can be conditioned by holding in the hand until it become warm or rolled with a rolling pin several time to allow for easy use. Many of the children I taught like to simply warm the clay in their hands and made things by molding the clay. Toothpicks. rubber stampers and other tools can be used to embellish the art or form faces in sculptures.

I personally like to roll the clay our for a beginner and give them a pattern I created out of old cardboard. Simply draw an outline of something such as a fish. Let the child trace the shape on to the rolled clay which is about ¼ inch in thickness. Using a pencil tip or a special clay tool have the child trace the shape of the fish to the clay. Once the shape is outlined remove the template and allow the child to use a clay tool or plastic knife to cut completely through the clay. Once the shape is cut place it on a sheet of paper and allow the child the opportunity to draw in the details of the fish. For younger children it is a good idea to have either a completed fish or pictures for one as a pattern. For older children I like them to be creative as possible and let them use their imaginations rather than having a set design.

The more creative a child can be on their own the better for their self-esteem and development. Children need to explore their creative sides and should never be criticized or given unwanted help. Allow the child time to create and use their minds to the fullest. Once the fish has been created it then needs to be baked. Make sure you punch a hole into the fish so a string can be tied for hanging. Depending on the brand of clay the timing and temperature should be followed on the package directions.

Once the fish has been baked allow it to cool. It should have a similar texture as that of plastic. Using craft paints the fish can be further decorated in fanciful colors. Since this an imagination project allow the child to use which ever colors suit them. In my classroom we like to make fish mobiles to hang from the ceiling using the fish. I hang them over their group table to enjoy throughout the school year. At home you can have your child make several fish or other creatures to create a personal mobile for their room. I might add the fish can also be used as a name plate, wall decoration or small magnets can be glued to the back for creative refrigerator magnets.

Easy Art Projects

Sculpey Clay Art Projects Are Fun

You may find that you child enjoys making clay objects so much you will never have bored children again. I know in my classroom the children beg to make and bake clay art. I use it as a reward through the school years for students that complete assignments early with accuracy, or special acts of kindness they demonstrate.

Some other projects we have created with Sculpey clay are holiday ornaments for our tree, fancy picture frames for school pictures, magnet holders for our white board, and if you visited my Fairy Garden lens, you saw the garden object I made for my fairies. Sculpey clay is fun for people of all ages, I have used it to repair a broken finial on my clock. I simply pressed the clay onto the opposite side of the clock which was intact. Then I bake the mold and pressed Sculpey clay into my mold and the broke side of the finial and created a perfect fix. I baked the finial after removing the mold with the clay in place and glued it together after it was cured. I painted out to match the rest of the finial with craft paint.

I'm sure you will find many uses for Sculpey clay. You may never hear the "I'm bored." speech from your children again. Remember: Creative children learn to entertain themselves while boosting their self-esteem and developing the creative side of their brain. Get some today and see how creative you children will become.

Easy to Follow Directions Project Book

Modeling Clay Animals: Easy-to-Follow Projects in Simple Steps
Modeling Clay Animals: Easy-to-Follow Projects in Simple Steps

A great book to inspire your youngsters creativity. Easy projects with simple directions.


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Sculpey Clay and Children

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    • homeschoolsonya profile image

      Sonya Chappell 3 years ago from UK

      Too many to mention! We love doing crafts together but we haven't used sculpey clay. Thanks for telling us about it! Best wishes Sonya

    • cdevries profile image

      cdevries 3 years ago

      Clay is great! I also like paper projects... usually turning cardboard boxes into playhouses or robots or cars, but also folding paper and collage. Great ideas here!

    • Corrinna-Johnson profile image

      Corrinna Johnson 3 years ago from BC, Canada

      I LOVE the days when I hear "I'm bored" from my kids because it gives me an excuse to pull out my polymer clay and indulge in my favorite hobby guilt-free. Kids are happy, Mom is happy. It's a win for everyone!