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Street Artists

Updated on October 25, 2014

The World is Your Canvas

What might an ordinary part of your world become if you could make it anything you want?

Do you walk on the street and imagine a giant waterfall jutting into view, or perhaps a shark on the attack bursting from the sea, appearing in the middle of the street on a city block nowhere near the ocean?

These creations and more evolve from the imaginative minds of 3-D street artists who are transforming cityscapes all over the world!

When I first discovered 3-D street artwork, I was shocked at how realistic it is. In photos of passers-by standing at just the right spot, the 3-D effect is quite convincing! Looking again, more closely, I see it is a clever image: contemporary art created to trick the eye into believing the street gives way to an enormous water-falling disaster in progress.

These street paintings are, in my opinion, legitimate art work. They are not what I would consider graffiti, yet some artists' paintings have been removed or painted over because they are perceived as such. As the phenomenon of 3-D street art grows, thankfully, more cities are allowing the artists to further enchant the public with their work, even welcoming it and paying the artists for their beautification of the city streets in some cases.

Image: 3-D Street Artist Edgar Mueller working on his waterfall

Wyatt Waters instructs painters for mural in Clinton, MS
Wyatt Waters instructs painters for mural in Clinton, MS

Why I love 3-D Street Art

* It allows a creative mind's free flowing expression

* Anyone can appreciate the artwork, rather than it being hung in a gallery, hidden away in a home, or collecting dust in a museum

* It creates a playful diversion - a memorable event for unexpecting pedestrians

* It could stimulate a city's economy by drawing tourists to see street artists' paintings and artwork.

Some cities are already figuring out that artists' paintings on building walls are a great way to boost public "image". Street art is an evolution to a more community oriented artistic environment: Art, interactive.

Photo: Artist Wyatt Waters instructs volunteer painters for outdoor mural in Clinton, MS

More Detail and Examples of the Fine Art of Street Painting

Fancy doing this yourself? Or would you like to peruse a book of these works?

Street World: Urban Art and Culture from Five Continents
Street World: Urban Art and Culture from Five Continents

True examples of street art from around the world


Picasso on Artists

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo Picasso

Can You Tell the Artist From the Art?

Can You Tell the Artist From the Art?
Can You Tell the Artist From the Art?

Art is an Evolutionary Act

"Art is an evolutionary act. .... At no point is art static. There are no rules."

... Raymond Salvatore Harmon

A Bridge to the Soul - and the Masses

Kurt Wenner Street Art
Kurt Wenner Street Art

I saw my friend's post of a street artist's work from a town in Italy, I think it was. Observing people in another world having a little fun with an alternative reality in the same way I might, touched me. I do not have to speak their language to feel the joy and spontaneity on these people's faces. So, moved, I shared it. And so it goes.

The Resources and more - On Fabulous Street Artists

And, of course, their art!

Have you ever seen 3-D street art in person? - Where and when?

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