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String Art Design - GIMP

Updated on April 2, 2013

Making Digital Art - Virtual Quilt Blocks

These designs use a dozen or so different techniques in GIMP. I will present another Quilt Block Lens soon that will showcase Quilt Blocks that are created in other ways (not using gimp), so that you will have examples of different ways you can create digital art. This is a showcase (not a tutorial) it is a place to be inspired to create artwork using GIMP or other digital art programs.

If you have been looking for a way to create digital art and are not sure what you need take a look around some of the designs I created a few years ago. The process is generally about the same from program to program. What is most important is you have some idea what you have in mind so you do not waste money (and time in the learning curve) along the way by starting out with a program which is not capable of having the results you want.

I started using GIMP which I love and it can do what I need it to do. If you have some time and want to try out a free program it is a great way to get started. It isn't for everyone, but, if it is for you there are many tutorials (in my own collection as well as around the web) to help you along the way. There are also great guides to GIMP you can purchase here if you would like to have a study guide you can hold in your hands while you learn.

So Many Techniques!

So Many Techniques!
So Many Techniques!

PC Quilt Sampler Block

Virtual Quilt Block created with GIMP to look like a quilt block sampler. As the title implies, I created this design using several techniques. This was a test design that turned out to be one of my favorites. It would take a long time to remember each of the steps, techniques etc, that I used so I will share little by little on designs that use less techniques all at once. Feel free to create your own 'sampler' block as you create different kinds of designs.

Sun Feather Quilt Block

Virtual Quilt Block created with GIMP. Whimsical combination of feathers that resemble sunshine. I really loved working with the vivid colors on this one.

Quilting Design Ideas For Virtual Quilt Blocks

You can use the beautiful design ideas in this book for a real quilt or a virtual quilt project.

Butterfly Quilt Block

This design was made with GIMP using a technique I remembered from grammer school. Covering the background with multicolored random designs, then adding a second layer covered in black. Then the black is erased to reveal the colors. The next step was to merge the two layers and blend them into the images that you see. A whimsical butterfly scene.

Having Fun With Designs

Having Fun With Designs
Having Fun With Designs

Checkerboard Quilt Block

This virtual quilt block was designed using GIMP.

Elagant Quilt Block

Elagant Quilt Block
Elagant Quilt Block

Abstract Daisy Quilt Block

This image is a photo art image. First the photograph is edited with gimp to remove the background. Then the pedals are given a treatment that makes them look like seeds. Some finishing touches, a new background, and some highlighting/shadowing all worked together to create this unique photo art design.

String Art Quilt Block

This is another example of the early grammer school technique I discribed in the Butterfly Quilt Block (above). This one was done with the same technique up until the stage when the dark foreground is removed to reveal the multicolored background. At that point for this design I used kolidascope technique. Technically, I have only created one quarter of the block, while the remainder is copies/rotated to make up all four corners.



Studio Owl Collage Quilt Block

This design is a collage (a bit like the previous kolidascope technique) that was created using my tatted owl design (reminded me of the tatting my grandmother used to do - she made beautiful doilies), and the paint & brushes design. Together they were one of my first logos for the Studio.

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  • Senora M profile image

    Senora M 9 years ago

    Very cool. I've seen some pictures on flickr with virtual quilts. 5*s!

  • PromptWriter profile image

    Moe Wood 9 years ago from Eastern Ontario

    Very Pretty. I've never heard of virtual quilts before but it makes total sense. :)