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Stunningly Beautiful Ocean Island Sunset Wallpapers

Updated on August 18, 2015

Sunsets from an Ocean Island View

Very few geographical areas can produce the types of sunsets that accompany an ocean island location, as the skyline goes out miles into the oceans and the disappearing sun creates an array of delightful and extraordinary visual effects that are unparallelled in nature.

The only thing I've seen to match them is when living in desert areas like Phoenix, Arizona in the United States, where the flat desert ground allows you to see miles away as the sun drops below the horizon. Islands are a step above that experience to me, based upon the way the reflection on the water and other elements affect the experience.

Both are stunning experiences though, and depending on where you are and your personal preferences, either one is an amazing scene to behold.

In this article we'll look at island wallpapers from oceans. There are a wide variety of beautiful inland islands that produce beautiful images, although the foliage and trees are much different and the ocean waters also result in a very unique picture as the sun reflects off of it.

Sunset Wallpaper from Fiji Island

If there is one image that sticks in the mind of most people when contemplating an island sunset, it's probably one very similar to the one below from Fiji. The way the palm trees are hanging out in front of the open sky creates that amazing effect which makes one want to make reservations and pack your bags immediately.

For those that aren't able to travel to an island and enjoy the experience of this view, having a wallpaper on their computer or other screen is a great alternative.

When looking out at a far horizon with the sun setting, creating the yellow, orange and red hues we're so familiar with and appreciate, it's hard to find something more stunningly beautiful in nature.

Those who need a reprise from their daily challenges should have an island wallpaper like this to look at when they need a temporary escape in their heart and mind.

fiji island sunset wallpaper
fiji island sunset wallpaper | Source

Sharp Yellow Island Sunset

This is one of the most defined yellow sunsets I've ever seen, and it's because of the surrounding dark sky and the capturing of the sun falling just at the right time.

The sun is positioned just right for the reflection on the water and even little narrow parts of the land of the island projecting out in its path. It's the uninterrupted pathway of the rays of the sun which allow it to dominate that part of the view.

Also adding to the quality of the island sunset photo is the lengthening shadow of the small island in front which makes that part of the photo darker, which allows for the shining, yellow sun shine out even clearer.


Wallpaper of Man Watching Island Sunset

Next is a fantastic island sunset with terrific contrasting colors as it goes from the right of the photo to the left as you look at it. Also notice the man sitting on the beach watching the sunset which helps to give the image some depth.

When you look at the amazing number of colors and hues in this island sunset photo, it's mind boggling as to contemplating this amazing scene designed by nature.

The way the light purples and yellows on the right blend into the darker and harsher blacks and reds on the left makes for an amazingly powerful island sunset photo to take in.


Blue and Pink Island Sunset

When it comes to sunsets of any kind in the world, it is hard to pinpoint or predict exactly what it is you'll see, as it seems like snowflakes, there are never any two alike, even though there may be some similarities.

That's what I thought when looking at this completely different looking sunset that has blue and pink as the primary colors produced by the diminishing light of the disappearing sun.

It's extraordinary how completely different colors and types of sunsets can result in fantastically beautiful natural art.

The dark blue clouds help to make this such an awesome image, as does the nicely shaped palm tree on the left.


Amazing Island Sunset

Other than the pink in the sunset above, the next island sunset wallpaper photo incorporates a little bit of the rest of the sunsets in this article to produce this magnificent picture.

Here we have an small island blocking the sun as it drops below the horizon. That helps to magnify amazing color as a result.

Even the clouds display a couple of different looks because of the position of the sun. You have parts that continue to have a strong exposure to the sun, while the front parts from our view are darkened from the faltering rays.

It's extraordinary to walk up with our eyes from the bottom of the photo with the reddish tint reflected on the water to the bright yellow shining on the horizon to the white surrounding the island, finishing off the amazing sunset with a dark blue sky on top. It simply doesn't get much better than that for these types of photos.


Island Sunset Wallpapers

There is no doubt that sunsets from islands located in the ocean are among the most beautiful in the world, and whenever someone wants to leave their problems or circumstance in their minds, all they have to do is look at one of these beautiful photos to be reduced on increased to an island mindset and outlook; at least temporarily.

A few of these are great to have on hand as wallpaper in order to be able to look at the specific colors and sunsets you prefer or desire at the time.

Even if just for a short period time, anyone looking at these will suspend the existing circumstances and project themselves onto an island paradise. Who knows, maybe those being inspired just may take the next step of planning an island vacation and start making reservations.

There are no guarantees when viewing these types of island sunset wallpapers.


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      These are beautiful and I am bookmarking for my next painting...Thanks for sharing all these.

    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 5 years ago from Southwestern, United States