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Surreal Art Work

Updated on July 4, 2014

Strange Beauty

This is my favorite form of artwork. I love the way the artist uses his or her imagination to bring forward their deepest visuals. From the artists who uses only a slight bit of surreal work to those that go all out - I love them all. The ability to do this form of work shows great depth in imagery. In my work I spend way too much time on perfecting each thing. It seems ironic that I so love this work when I do not dare delve into the style myself. I was introduced to this amazing art by the famous Salvador Dali back in the 1960s. I was too young to understand it but knew it was special. I could never get into the other major form of art around that time known as Pop. The art produced by Salvador was a joy to look at. It was also a thrill contemplating the meaning of the work and how the artist thought to put the images down on paper.

Photo credit: Patty Maher


As I said in the beginning of this lens I am a huge fan of Salvador Dali. The artist Edvard Munch did a famous piece in 1893 that is considered impressionism but I stick it under the category of surrealism. At times there seems to be a fine thread between that of impressionism and surrealism. This is entitled ' The Scream ' and I have it on my blog in the surreal section. A human stands on a bridge with hands on either side of their face letting out a mind shattering, sky blowing scream. I think this is why the scene from the movie "Home Alone" made it's mark.

There were four versions of this done my Much and the fourth, a pastel done in 1895, was sold for $119,922,600 at Sotheby's in 2012. The artist must have known this and that was his expression for the painting.

Don't Over Do It

I did this photograph of myself using a lantern with a mirror in the back of it. I took the photo and used a design program to add the effects.

This form of art is great on posters and in paintings. I love the work done with time and clocks. Surrealists images look great on all kind of items. I would have it everywhere but you have to be careful not to add too much. Some of the work goes great with my Tiffany Lamps. Talk about a dreamy effect, this is the ultimate. Glowing colors from one of these lamps. They are a piece of art by themselves.

Dedicated to Art


Due to my love of this work I made a section dedicated solely to it on my blog. Leatherwood Design

This is one of the works that you will find there. It is a fine piece of art showing a dolphin jumping from the clouds.

Surreal Artwork

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Photo credit: Felipe MorinPhoto credit: PensieroPhoto credit: PensieroTitle: Mar de Emociones / Emotional LandscapesThis is a sculpture
Photo credit: Felipe Morin
Photo credit: Felipe Morin
Photo credit: PensieroPhoto credit: Pensiero
Photo credit: PensieroPhoto credit: Pensiero
Title: Mar de Emociones / Emotional Landscapes
Title: Mar de Emociones / Emotional Landscapes
This is a sculpture
This is a sculpture

Black and White

Surrealism is found in many different mediums. I am a fan of black and white and have found some exceptional surreal art that fit this category. It can be easier to produce an image like this in color. The lack of color gives you a better look at the actual image.

Your Choice

Of these two types of art which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer?


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