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Sweaters Free Online knitting Patterns - Knitted Cardigans | Vests Patterns For Women

Updated on November 1, 2014

Cardigans, Sweaters And Vests Patterns

Sweaters are always knitted using different methods which involve yarns, wool and knitting needles. Knit cardigans, vests and sweaters are worn to keep the upper body warm and to protect the skin. Many people learn to knit to while the time away, others do it as a hobby and to some people, they knit to earn money. That is, they knit for sale.

There are many types of sweater, cardigans and vests you can knit. There are the long sweater style, tie front, round neck classic cardigan, scoop neck cardigan, polo neck, casual knitted jacket, short kimono style, sleeveless v-neck and knitted v-neck. You can use the free knitting patterns online to knit the style of sweater, vest or cardigan of your choice.

Knitted sweaters, cardigans or vests allow for ease of wearing and dressing. These both fashionable as well as functional wear. Cardigan sweaters provide warm to the wearer during wintertime or cold season. Knit sweaters are easy to care, easy to put on and take off.

How To Cast On In Knitting

The first method in knitting is well known by the term CASTING ON. There are two ways:You can do it with one needle, and with two. You should take the thread between the second and third left hand fingers, leaving about a yard for every few stitches, turn it round the thumb of the same hand, making it have a twist, this will form a loop. With the right hand, take a knitting needle and push the knit in the loop, and turn the thread round the needle and then angle the needle through the loop which form the stitch. With the thread continue to make loops over your thumb and knit them until the correct number of stitch is cast on.

TO CAST ON WITH TWO NEEDLES, you should start to make a loop on the thread end, by slipping through one needle and retain it in the left hand. With the right hand, take the other needle and draw the same loop, bring the thread around the edge of the needle, and angle the needle in the direction of you, this makes the thread to form a loop on it. On the left needle, move it inside without removing it from the right.Repeat this process by putting the thread around the right.


Knitting Pattern For Women Sweater

This lovely sweater is blaze aran sweater. The sleeve is not long, so you can extend the sleeve to make it long if you like long sleeves on your sweaters.

The blaze sweater knitting is very neat and has a zig zag knitted in rounds and has a unique seamless construction. you use any color to bring out that outer elegance.

Women Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Lovely cardigan to knit using free knitting patterns. Some knitters sell their craft work, others give it as gifts to friends and family.

  • Women Cardigan and Jackets Knitting Patterns

You can knit different cardigan with v-neck and short sleeve, which you can knit to make long sleeve if you so prefer. you can knit different sweater jackets as well using the free knitting patterns.

Vest Knitting Patterns

Sweater vest can be worn on top of a shirts, blouse with sleeves or turtleneck cardigan.

This is a classic vest knitting pattern that has front panels, large cables and cabled belt. it is very adorable.

You can adjust the pattern if you want to knit the vest to be short, or with no button closure.

How To Knit A Sweater Video Tutorial


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