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Tharri Patchwork | Rare Sindhi Cultural Art

Updated on March 23, 2014

Tharri Tuk (Patchwork), A Rare Sindhi Cultural Handicraft

Tharri Tuk - A blend of various indigenous stitches, fabric and design materials such as cotton, polyester and mirrors.
Tharri Tuk - A blend of various indigenous stitches, fabric and design materials such as cotton, polyester and mirrors.

Sindh - The Land of Many Splendors

Sindh is one of the four provinces of Pakistan and also the second largest in terms of size and population. The borders of Sindh currently on the map were established after the independence of Pakistan from the British rule in 1947. However, Sindh has a much much longer history and heritage that tracks its roots back to the earliest settlers of mankind.

Sindh is home to one of the most fertile river and valley in the world, River Indus. Indus is one of the four rivers on which the earliest civilization settled. The ancient Indus Valley Civilization first took hold of the region in 5000 BCE and their essence can still be seen in few of the rural areas of Sindh. This is a land that has seen many rulers and the rise and fall of many empires.

From Alexander the Great, to the ancient Persian empire to the ancient Hindus, Muslim Caliphate to the Mughals and then the British Empire, Sindh has extracted the richness of cultures from all religions and regions.

It is a pity that this vibrant and rich area and its crafts are not well known mostly due to the lack of proper infrastructure and cultural advertisement programs. For these reasons, the indigenous culture of Sindh, that is in fact a blend of cultures from around the world and antiquity, remains hidden to the rest of the world.

The potential of Sindh and its heritage is truly second to none. It is land that is yearning to reveal its secrets to the wider world.

Explore TharParker

Tharparker - A District of Sindh

Sindh has 23 different districts. Tharparker is one of the 23 districts of Sindh. One of the most fascinating attribute of Sindh is that each and every district has a rich history and heritage i.e one may be a home to the ruins of one of the largest city state of Indus Valley Civilization, while another would boast the magnificence of the Mughal Empire. Some districts are rich with ancient Hindu Culture, whereas another is riddled with artifacts and monuments of the ancient Muslim Empire. This is just at the surface, when you go deeper you will realize that every single district has its own touch of traditions, dances, folklore, legends, myths, crafts and history. All this in just one province of Pakistan - Sindh.

Tharparker is one of the largest districts of Sindh. It is one of the five major deserts of the world and also the only fertile desert in the world. Unlike a typical desert, Tharparker is a desert in which culture, monuments and even rich Vegetation and crops can be found scattered around. Although in recent days this region has been hit by serious drought, this land holds a large number of nomadic tribes is also home to one of the largest towns in Sindh.

The most fascinating aspect of Tharparker is not the cities, but instead the nomadic tribes that roam around the desert with their herds and ancient technique inspired tools and crafts. It is humbling experience to explore a region that still follows the ancient ways of life in this day of unparalleled access to technology.

Tharparker - The Only Fertile Desert

Traditional Stitches

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BalochiBalochiBenazirDasootiHooramchoKachi KarahiKalabatooKashmiriKawaKundiQuraishiya
Kachi Karahi
Kachi Karahi

Tharri Tuk - Tharri Patchwork

Tharri Tuk (Patchwork) is a rural and rare Sindhi ethnic technique of patchwork that mixes many different fabric designing and crafting materials. Cotton, polyester and mirror work are the most common elements of design in Tharri Patchwork.

All crafts made with Tharri Tuk (Patchwork) technique are made with an abstract design in mind. Since these crafts are not calculated or made with machines, there are a few imperfections in the end products such as difference in size.

You can never expect one handicraft made with Tharri Tuk to be 100% similar to its counterpart. Although the stitches and the overall technique of the craft will be the same, there will be color, size and patchwork placement differences from piece to another.

Indigenous people of Thar usually use Tharri Tuk to craft their clothes to survive the harsh summers; however, this technique can be used in modern home d├ęcor elements such as tapestries, cushion covers, sofa throws etc.

For your information the word "Tharri" in Sindhi language means "From Thar". "Tuk" in Sindhi language means Patchwork. Hence, Tharri Tuk translates to Patchwork from Thar.


No Charity, Support Dignity

Through every purchase you make from us, you are helping preserve the oldest craftsmanship and technique that are known only by a few artisans.

Through supporting the closed ethnic community of indigenous artisans in Pakistan, you are saving their dignity.

Our Story

We are a small team of enthusiasts who are determined to roam around the rural areas of Pakistan and finding the most unique and rare crafts out there in the cultural rich indigenous Pakistan. Therefore, we have started a small company by the name of Moomul to promote the rich and cultural art and crafts of rural Pakistan. Our focus is to promote the national heritage and its folk arts. Our website is under construction and will be up soon.

We have started our search from the south eastern province of Pakistan - Sindh. Our adventure has first taken us to the southern most district of Sindh - Tharparker. Tharparker is a dry and desert region with small indigenous tribes of nomads roaming the land. Although there are a few town in the region, it is the culture of the nomadic tribes that has attracted our attention. There are many ethnic and rare crafts to be found only from these cultures. The product listed here incorporates one such rare technique of Tharparker's vibrant handicrafts.

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