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The 10 Best Rock Band Skateboard Decks

Updated on March 30, 2012

Heaven is a Halfpipe...

These days it seems like every rock 'n' roll and metal band is deciding to release a skateboard as part of their collection of official merchandise. And why not? Rock music and skateboarding cultures have always been inextricably linked - those grinds, ollies and kick flips need a chugging soundtrack!

The following is what I consider to be the 10 very best band-branded skate decks available on the market...

I've done the research so you don't have to!

Be sure to vote on the poll to the end of this Squidoo lens!

Metallica Skateboard

As one of the best-known and most successful metal bands in the world, it is hardly surprising that Metallica has an arsenal of many different skate decks amongst their range of official merchandise. Of all of the Metallica skateboards available I have to say that this orange one is by far my favourite but then I have always been a fan of strong, 'statement' designs.

Buy this skate deck and it definitely won't be long before you're 'Riding the lightning!'

Rage Against the Machine Skate Deck

Like the above Metallica deck, I am keen on this design because it is vivid but it also comprises the font-logo of one of the best rap-funk-metal groups of all time; Rage Against the Machine (RATM)!

"F**k you I won't skate where you tell me!"

HIM Skate Deck

Many polls conducted by the rock 'n' roll press over the years have indicated that alongside The Rolling Stones' tongue logo, HIM's 'heartagram' is one of the most recognisable band logos of all time. Fans of the band have a habit of scrawling the logo on everything they own, as well as permanently via a tattoo gun on their various body parts.

Lovers of Ville Valo and his crew will love grinding the 'Love Metal' of their wheel trucks down at the skate park on this beast of a board!

Green Day Skateboard

Many long-term fans of punk band Green Day were annoyed by the band's new found popularity after the release of their most commercially successful album 'American Idiot.' For every new fan of the band, it seemed that another piece of merchandise with their name and/or logo printed on it was released onto the market. Even the greatest of Green Day haters would struggle to dislike the beautiful red hue of this skate deck though.

You're sure to be the Jesus of Skateboard Suburbia on this awesome ride!

KISS Skateboard

It seems that that glam-rock band KISS are willing to put their name on anything since their extensive range of paraphernalia includes a KISS themed coffin, KISS condoms, baby food bowls with bands' logo emblazoned all over them and even KISS cologne. If you're in the KISS-Army your merchandise collection won't be complete without this official skate deck too.

"I wanna rock 'n' roll all niiiight and skate every day!"

Slipknot Skateboards

Iowa masked metallers Slipknot - like Metallica - have more than one skate deck to their name and I can't quite decide which one I like best. When I have decided however, I plan to buy one to display on my dining room wall with the rest of my rock merchandise - I can't skateboard at all but as a dedicated maggot I just have to have one!

You will never get 'Left Behind' at home by your friends when you're kitted out with one of these killer decks!

Beastie Boys Skate Deck

Only 500 hundred of these skateboards were made to commemorate the release of the Beastie Boys 2004 ''To The 5 Boroughs' album and so now eBay is your only hope for getting your hands on one! Considering how the New York city skyline takes precedence on this deck as opposed to the bands' logo, this really is a stylish board.

Anyone who spots you riding this baby is sure to be ch-ch-checking you out!

Bowling For Soup Skate Deck

Pop-punk band Bowling for Soup have never taken themselves too seriously and so this cartoon design - featuring the faces of each of the four band members - is the ideal skate deck to represent them. The white backdrop really sees the design pop too.

This is definitely the deck that 'all the bad guys want' (and everyone else too!)

Avenged Sevenfold Skate Deck

How cool are these skate decks from Californian khol-eyed contemporary metalcore group Avenged Sevenfold? Out of the two I definitely prefer the one featuring the skull-bat logo since the other design looks a little too "busy" in my opinion, but hey, it's all a matter of taste.

'Seize the Day' and buy this deck for the A7X fan in your life now!

Sublime Skateboard

A very small number of these Sublime skateboards were made in celebration of the release of the Long Beach legends' boxset 'Everything Under the Sun' and as such they are fairly hard to come by. Of all the decks mentioned in this lens this is by far my favourite (but then, I am a huge fan of the ska punk band).

Choosing to buy this deck is definitely not the 'Wrong Way' to go!

Skateboarders Survey

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More Great Places to Buy Skateboards

Is there a great deck I've forgotten to include? Tell me below...

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