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Avant-Garde Artist Fahrelnissa Zeid

Updated on November 24, 2017

A Contemporary Artist is born

Fahrelnissa is an extra ordinary woman, born at 1901, as a middle Eastern woman she became world wide famous artist, at that era for a woman being an artist was very difficult even in the European Counties or America.

She was from an elite Ottoman family, The Şakir Family. The Grand Vizier Cevat Pasha was her uncle. As a member of such a family she was able to get painting lessons from European teachers, than enrolled the academy of fine arts faculty in Istanbul and than continued her studies in Paris. In 1920 She married a famous Novelist İzzet Melih Devrim but union of an artist and a novelist didn't go well as planned.

After her divorce, in 1934 she married an Iraqi Prince and became Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid. As a princess while she traveled and lived in Europe, USA and Middle East, continued to paint and became one of the most famous artists of her time.

Mrs. Zeit died in 1991, at the age of eight-nine and is buried to the Royal Graveyard in Jordan.

She was the East and the West

Fahrelnissa Zeid in four key words

1- Fight Against Abstraction

2-Resolved Problems

3-My Hell

4- Someone from the Past

Fahrelnissa Zeit as an artist

Fahrelnissa Zeit is a pioneer of abstract art in Turkey. Her paintings contain elements from İslamic tiling, oriental, tales, Persian tapestry as well as cubism, abstract art, loves color and scale. Also her portraits are very inspiring. She was close friends with Georgio de Chricio & Marc Chagall. She lived and exhibited in Istanbul, London, Amman, New York, Berlin, Paris. Recently she has a retrospective at London Tate Modern.


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