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The advantages of cheap compact cameras

Updated on February 6, 2012

Many people scoff at cheap compact cameras and affordable point and shoot cameras however there are times when these lower end digital cameras are the best choice. In fact, there are many advantages in owning and using a cheap compact camera.

The main advantage of cheap compact cameras is, as the name suggests, they are cheap. This means anyone and everyone can afford a cheap compact camera, hence giving everyone the chance to experience the joys and delights of digital photography.

Cheap compact cameras are point and shoot cameras and, as such, are exceptionally easy to use. All you need to do is select the appropriate type of automatic mode for the image you are photographing, point the lens at the subject and press the shutter button to take the actual photograph. The hardest part is making sure you are using the right automatic mode, although this is quickly and easily learned after playing with the camera for a bit.

When using a cheap compact camera there is no need to spend ages setting up the camera in order to take the photograph. This means a maximum amount of photographs can be taken with a minimum amount of fuss.

Cheap compact cameras are small and light, which means you can have them on you at all times. With a small and affordable point and shoot camera you will never miss a photo opportunity again.

Cheap compact cameras will not attract unwanted attention from potential thieves and pick pockets. There is no second hand or used market for affordable point and shoot cameras so you don’t have to worry about being the victim of a theft. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on your cheap compact camera at all times though, as an opportunist thief may still pick up an unattended cheap compact camera for fun.

If you break or damage a cheap compact camera it is not the end of the world and you can get a replacement without breaking the bank. Damaging a digital camera is annoying, regardless of how much it cost, but breaking a cheap camera is a lot more palatable than breaking a pro spec digital SLR and lens worth a few thousand bucks.

As you can see there are many advantages in owning cheap compact cameras or affordable point and shoot cameras, so if you can live with the image quality and are happy with the types of photograph a cheap compact camera is well worth buying and to spend a lot of money on a top end digital camera is simply wasteful.


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