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The Best Disney Tangled Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Updated on October 20, 2011
Disney Tangled Rapunzel
Disney Tangled Rapunzel | Source

Free Tangled Rapunzel Coloring Pages

Have your children or you watched Tangled Rapunzel movie from Disney? I am sure you all know about this fun family movie. It's about the long haired princess Rapunzel and Flynn Rider who tried to escape from rascal and guards who after Flynn since he stole a tiara from kingdom palace. At the end they get married and lived happily ever after. If you have not watched it yet, you can get Tangled Rapunzel DVD.

My kid love Rapunzel. He crazy all about it. I have been collected some coloring pages and wallpaper all around the internet since he really love coloring. He adores Flynn, Maximus and Pascal. Those coloring pages keep him busy for hours and provide enjoyable entertainment. It's totally free. All you need is provide some papers and of course printer for printing. Besides fun, children will have chance to sharp their creativity and inventiveness. Yet, it's good media to learn something new. They can learn about color, new vocabulary and making some simple crafts. Study shows children learn better, learn more and learn faster if they have interest on it. If your children like Tangled Rapunzel movie, I am sure she/he will love the best collection of Tangled Rapunzel coloring pages, wallpaper, and how to draw Rapunzel. Happy coloring.

Tangled Rapunzel Coloring Pages

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How to Print

It's easy to print these coloring pages.  Here is how to print it.

  • First, select thumbnails picture you would like to print.
  • Then click on the image.
  • Next step is click right your mouse and save picture onto your desktop or your specific folder.
  • If the image is to small or you want to resize, you can open the image in your favorite photo imaging sofware.
  • You can process to print by selecting your printer.
  • Enjoy your coloring pages

Tangled Rapunzel Wallpaper

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Rapunzel | Source

Step by Step How to Draw Rapunzel


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