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Origami, the best hobby ever!

Updated on May 14, 2014

Origami--The Art of Folding Paper

Origami was created in the 17th century and has evolved into modern art. The techniques that are used in some of the models are very complicated and takes over 100 folds to create. I think that origami is a form of meditation for me. The repetitive folds that you are doing over and over just puts my mind in a state of relaxation. To me, its the best hobby ever! Origami is a hobby that people of any ages can do. It is a great craft for kids and fun for them. My son also loves to fold origami and in fact he is the one who introduced me to it. It is an excellent way for him to pass his time, at the same time to learn about patience and focus on better attention span. Plus, he loves creating new origami models and try his hand at some challenging ones. Although not successful all the time!

Lotus Flower by Kayenta

One of the cards I made
One of the cards I made

Origami into Art

My son was 8 years old when he started getting interested in origami. He was obsessed with it and would be bent over the table hours after hours, folding his origami papers. He got better and better at it and was starting to experiment with different kinds of origami folding techniques. It became like a form of art for him as he would start to display his models that he is so proud of. He would borrow books from the library or would be looking for new models to fold from youtube. I got curious one day and joined him in this new hobby of his.

Origami can be difficult at first, but once I got the hang of it, I loved it too! Instead of just folding origami, I made it into origami art. I made cards and framed art out of the origami models I folded. I love looking for simple models and make repeated patterns out of them into cards or hanging art. In some of the photos shown, I have made some greeting cards from origami.

These cards have been given to friends and family and they loved it for the originality!! Better than your usual Hallmark card!

Angelfish card by me

Kinetic Origami - A new style of origami

This is a new style of origami that I found online recently. It is called kinetic origami. Its all about movement.

This is a video of a new style of Origami.

Tiny wet fold bear!
Tiny wet fold bear!

Many types of origami

There are many different types of origami

o Action origami--It is origami that can be moved like the flapping wings of a crane.

o Wet folding--It is a technique that wets the origami paper to form curves, when the paper dries, it will hold its shape.

o Modular origami--Consists of putting many pieces of identical folded origami into a 3D shape.

o Pureland--A style of origami invented by a British paper folder John Smith that only uses mountain and valley folds.

o Origami tessellations-- In origami tessellations, papers are folded into pleats to connect molecules such as twist folds together in a repeating fashion.

Photo credit by origami wonder how to

Origami models and art made by us!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Angelfish Card created by me.StarsDetachable rose folded by my son.Gazelle.Yoda!!Santa Claus.This is one of my favorite.  An elephant's rump!!Bookshelf with books.This is an origami framedf art created by me also with my favorite angelfish model!Simple origami cat.A complex model, a wizard folded by my son.Kusudama ball.Complex pinwheel.Dragon.Modular origami cube.Minecraft creeper.Lotus flowers of different colors.
Angelfish Card created by me.
Angelfish Card created by me.
Detachable rose folded by my son.
Detachable rose folded by my son.
Santa Claus.
Santa Claus.
This is one of my favorite.  An elephant's rump!!
This is one of my favorite. An elephant's rump!!
Bookshelf with books.
Bookshelf with books.
This is an origami framedf art created by me also with my favorite angelfish model!
This is an origami framedf art created by me also with my favorite angelfish model!
Simple origami cat.
Simple origami cat.
A complex model, a wizard folded by my son.
A complex model, a wizard folded by my son.
Kusudama ball.
Kusudama ball.
Complex pinwheel.
Complex pinwheel.
Modular origami cube.
Modular origami cube.
Minecraft creeper.
Minecraft creeper.
Lotus flowers of different colors.
Lotus flowers of different colors.

Favorite Origami Tutorials

Origami Supplies

Washi Style Origami Paper, 120 sheets #N8383
Washi Style Origami Paper, 120 sheets #N8383

Prettier designs for different models.



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    • flycatcherrr profile image


      4 years ago

      Your lotus flower is lovely!

    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Interesting hobby! Nice paper models!

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      4 years ago from USA

      This is a craft I have admired for some time, but haven't done any yet. Yours are so creative and fun. Nice to see the family involved in activities.

    • MariannesWhims profile image

      Marianne Gardner 

      4 years ago from Pacific NW, USA

      Your angelfish card is beautiful. I enjoyed you and your son's gallery of origami art. Fantastic!

    • georgepmoola2 profile image


      4 years ago

      What marvellous ideas!!

    • asereht1970 profile image


      4 years ago

      Nice lens. I have always been interested in origami, but don't have the skill and the imaginative mind to do it.

    • trevorjb1406 profile image


      4 years ago

      Nice lens!


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