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Which Is the Best Photo Scanner for You?

Updated on February 14, 2013

Need to Scan Slides or Photos? Three Quizzes and Some Tips

Here you will find three different scanning needs, with tips for each one. There are short quizzes for each scenario, and Squidoo members can get 10 points per quiz. If you aren't a member or don't care about the points, don't bother with them. You will still find plenty of information right here on photo and slide scanning.

If you go looking around the internet for the best photo scanner, it can be bewildering. There are so many brands, so many models, so many price ranges. When my husband Kelly and I did that, we also wanted one that would be the best slide scanner for our needs. Kelly had been a professional photographer at different times, and he had a lot of both slides and photos that he wanted to convert to digital. So this article will share with you some of our research. I'm a librarian by background, so I loved digging out information on photo scanner selection.

One thing I learned quite quickly is that that the most popular all-purpose document scanners are not necessarily great for your old photos---and mostly they can't even do slides. So this lens and the related ones focus on scanners meant for photography.

After doing quite a lot of photo scanning with the model we chose, I am more convinced than ever of the value of converting to digital. We found so many old treasures that we are both thrilled to see. Kelly is even working on a book of his early photos! But even archival value is good enough reason to dig out those family photos, negatives, and slides and get them scanned in!

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What Should You Do If...

... you just got handed about a thousand old slides your grandparents took? And others in the family think you are the ideal person to convert them somehow to digital?

The Wolverine F2D Scans Slides Quickly

Read the reviews for the pros and cons of this nifty device. Certainly gets the job done!

What About This Situation?

You have a couple dozen nice family photos and you would like to get copies for your relatives.

If You Are a Serious Photographer...

... and you want to be able to scan the best of your photos and slides, then manipulate them to make posters or an art book?

Here are Some of the Better Epson & Canon Photo Scanners - Roughly in order of price and features...

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      dream1983 5 years ago

      Awesome lens, great job!