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47 Awesome Teacher Gift Craft Ideas

Updated on November 27, 2016
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

The school year is almost over and you're looking forward to summer and all the relaxing ways to enjoy it. But, before the last day of school, you are probably thinking of a way to show your child's teacher or teachers how much you appreciate them. Maybe you are thinking of making a gift for that teacher and you'd like some homemade gift ideas.

We all like to give gifts that we know will be appreciated by the recipient. And we like to show our appreciation to the teachers in our children's lives. The teachers I know love gifts made especially for them by a student or their family.With that in mind, I searched for really great gift ideas that also showed pictures of the item and gave instructions on how to make it.

I think I've found some of the best teacher gifts on the web, gifts teachers will love.I will add to this article as I find new craft ideas appropriate as teacher gifts.

To make the beautiful colored pencils container shown above, go to Happy Clippings.

1. Books to Storage

Find the tutorial for making storage boxes out of old books at Country Living . It's a lot easier than you would imagine.

2. Button Bookmarks

Make a few of these useful button bookmarks and gift to a favorite teacher. Find the instructions at i heart nap time.

3. Energy in a Jar

You can make a thoughtful gift for a teacher, even if the day isn't being celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Day. A homemade gift like this would be so welcome now, because teacher's can always use a boost in energy, and also a little reminder that what they do is appreciated all year. Find the printables and instructions for making these jars at Healthy Coconut.

4. Memo Pad

What a great way to make such a useful item not only for teachers but anyone who needs note paper handy. The easy to follow directions are found at the kargenators.

5. Mistle Toes Gift

What a cute idea for a Christmas gift to give a favorite teacher. The instructions and list of what is in the jar is found a Touche Soiree. This gift give a bit of warmth, plus a splash of color.

6. Teacher Framed Inspirational

To find personal inspirational sayings, go to (Google images: Inspirational teacher quotes). The instructions for this teacher appreciation gift is found at moda BAKESHOP.

7. Teacher Apple Gift Card Ornament

This is actually three gifts in one. It's an apple, an ornament and a gift card holder. Any teacher will appreciate a thoughtful gift like this one. Go to Fireflies & Mud Pies for the tutorial to make this apple gift card holder.

8. Crayon Wreath

I love the looks of this cheerful wreath and am sure an elementary teacher would love hanging it in her classroom. Go to Mom's Party Cafe' for the instructions for making this project.

9. Sanitizer Bottle Cover

These necessary bottles in the classroom, usually on the teacher's desk, will look so much nicer dressed up in a cover like this. A touch of home for the classroom. Go to Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss for all the directions.

10. Teacher Gifts

11. Picture Frame

The teacher can display a picture of her family in this cute frame that she will love having on her desk. The directions for making this frame can be found at Felt So Cute.

12. Laptop Sleeve

I would love to receive one of these as I am sure your child's teacher would. Go to the the COTTAGE HOME for the instructions.

13. Lesson Tote

Alright, so this tote has groceries in, but I think it would make a great lessons tote for a teacher. Go to sew4home to see how to make it.

14. Teacher Initial Picture

This is a very thoughtful gift for a teacher. You'll find the directions for making it at I heart crafty things.

15. Key Fob

A colorful, light weight key fob for the teacher. This is a great filler gift or if you have to make quite a few gifts. The directions for this project can be found at the RIBBON RETREAT.

16. Appreciation Gift With Poem

The poem that goes with this gift will bring tears to your teacher's eyes. Seasons of Joy has the instructions for this project.

17. Ruler Wreath

This is an attractive wreath made using rulers. A teacher would be proud to display it in her classroom. Go to polka dot chair for instructions on how to make one like it.

18. Hemp Bracelets

Make these bracelets for the teacher, and while you're at it maybe make some for yourself also. Find the tutorial for making these help bracelets at Let It Shine.

19. Candy Bar Box

Check out how easy the My Sweet Sanity has made this project, with free pattern downloads.

20. Dry Erase Noteboard

By using an 8" x 10" picture frame, you'll have a gift that will easily fit on a teacher's desk, without it taking up too much room, and yet can be close enough to jot down quick notes. Find the easy to follow directions for making this dry erase noteboard at eighteen25. The directions include a download for the ruled paper. Paint the frame in a color the teacher will love.

21. Drink Sleeve and Mat

I love this drink sleeve and mat. You'll find the patterns and instructions at craftyStaci.

22. Desk Accessories Box

A place to keep all the little necessary items that get lost in a drawer. This is a beautiful, thoughtful gift. To make one like it, find the instructions at Whipper Berry.

23. Kleenex Box Cover

The classroom uses a lot of Kleenex over the year, and the teacher always has a box of them on her desk. She will love a cover for the box. For the pictured step-by-step tutorial for making this for a teacher or for yourself, find the directions at How to Sew a Kleenex Box Cover.

24. Lady Bug Teacher Card

A very nice way for a child to show appreciation to his or her teacher. Go to I heart crafty things for the instructions for making a card like this.

25. Personal Tissue Cover

A perfect tissue pack cover for the teacher's purse or tote. To make one of these covers, go to Two Brown Birds.

26. Craft Stick Photo Frame

You'll be able to think up even more ways to decorate the photo frames you make. Go to first palette for directions.

27. Apple for the Teacher

Made with soda bottles, this little apple can hold small items or candy for the teacher. Go to Crissy's Crafts to see how to make this project.

28. Autograph Book

I think any teacher would like to receive an autograph book from her students with a note about a lesson or occasion in the classroom that the individual student would like the teacher to remember. For the tutorial for making this autograph book, go to all for the MEMORIES. You can bet the teacher will ready appreciate the fact that her students each took the time to write in the autograph book.

29. Back to School Magnets


Your child's teacher will love to be gifted with these useful and beautiful magnets and tacks. You'll find out how to make them by going to papervine.

30. Bath Fizzies

If you are thinking about making the teacher a personal gift, consider making bath fizzies. This very attractive gift has instructions at erermine blog. These fizzies are as much fun to make as they are to use.

31. Plush Flowers

Find out what your teacher's favorite colors are and make her a beautiful array of plush flowers. Find the instructions for making these flowers at Bird’s Party BLOG.

32. Apple Treat Cups

This would be a great teacher appreciation gift, especially if you have a number of teachers to present gifts to. See how to make this cute apple treat cup by going to the SAVED BY LOVE Creations site.

33. Teacher Rocks

This appreciation gift will let the teacher know that you think she rocks. Find the directions on the how does she? site.

34. Apple Brooch

A teacher would love a handmade gift like this apple brooch. Find the instructions at LARK CRAFTS.

35. How to Make a Money Rose

36. Brownie Mix Gift

Any teacher would welcome a brownie mix that she can make and share with her family. Go to jane’s apron to see how to make this project.

37. School Survival Kit

Included in this cute school survival kit is a printable item list. A very thoughtful gift for a special teacher. To make this school survival kit, go to FUNKY polkadot GIRAFFE.

38. Pretty Pencils

These super easy-to-make covered pencils will be a welcomed gift by a teacher. Find the tutorial for making pretty pencils like these at the omiyage blogs site.

39. Desktop Terrarium

For a gift to give to a teacher, which she or he will surely enjoy, go to My Very Educated Mother for the tutorial on how to make a desktop terrarium.

40. Coffee Cozie

If your teacher doesn't drink coffee consider adding a few packets of hot chocolate with this gift. You'll find a pattern and the directions at craftyStaci.

41. Glass Gem Necklace

Choose a favorite color to enhance your glass gem necklace project. Then go to the madigan made site for the tutorial.

42. Chalk Board on an Easel

Putting this useful chalk board on an easel makes it possible to use it in any number of places. Make a teacher happy by giving a gift that you have made especially for her. For the instructions to make this chalk board, go to Bella & Bambino.

43. Pom Pom Pens

No one will be able to "borrow" the teacher's pencil when the pencils have been personalized with pom poms. Everyone will know those pencils are hers. Find out how to make pom pom pens by going to Sew Sara for the instructions.

44. Teacher Survival Kit

This is a gift that will definitely come in handy on the days that the teacher is at her/his wits end needs a quick break and a pain reliever and a shot of sugar. See how this teacher survival kit is put together by visiting the TRIPLE NAP site.

45. Ruler Necklace

Your teacher will wear this beautiful and thoughtful gift with pride in a having an appreciative student. You can make a ruler necklace like this by going to simply+kierste for the tutorial.

46. Hands Down Best Teacher

You'll find the printable labels for this teacher gift at the eighteen25 site. If you prefer to give a gift other than lotion or soft soap, you can do it and still use the printable label.

47. Thank You Teacher Letter

Helping children show appreciation is easier with this letter. It gives them an opportunity to finish sentences and list the things that they appreciate about the teacher. This downloadable and printable form is found at This Simple Home .

© 2012 Loraine Brummer

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    • Darlene Nemeth profile image

      Darlene Nemeth 15 months ago from Cambridge, Ontario

      Thanks for including my hemp bracelets.

      Best wishes, Darlene

    • profile image

      darlenebnemeth 4 years ago

      Fantastic round up. Thanks for featuring our hemp bracelets.

    • netangel profile image

      Melissa 5 years ago from Florida

      Very cute ideas!

    • SimplySara LM profile image

      SimplySara LM 5 years ago

      These are great ideas. The teachers at my daughter's preschool are so wonderful. I like to make little gifts for them throughout the year. Thanks for the inspiration! Great ideas!

    • madnessmerritt profile image

      madnessmerritt 5 years ago

      I didn't think of making a crayon wreath. Cool Thank's.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very nice. I like the ideas. I'm a teacher :)