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The best Youtube photography tutorials.

Updated on November 13, 2013

Looking for inspiration and want to learn more about photography?

When I first started photography the internet didn't exist. As a young budding photographer I had to get all my training from books and people I knew. Today this is no longer the case and there is heaps of freely available photography tutorials on the web, but which ones are the best and the most helpful? Personally I find videos the most helpful, so in this lens I have compiled some of my favourite youtube photography tutorials that I have relied on in the past. Some will be useful for beginners, and others are aimed more at the amateur who has mastered the DSLR.

Brilliant easy to understand home studio photography. - Amazing results with minimal equipment.

These brilliant short videos by Gavin Hoey explain the best way to get awesome images out of your digital SLR. Gavin is a brilliant presenter and provides information in an easy to understand way. A brilliant teacher for beginner and intermediate photographers. Most people will find his teaching method easy to follow.

The Top Gear of photography. - Brought to you by Digital Rev TV.

If you are like me and want your training in photography to be fun, then you can't go past the "Top Gear" of photography hosted by an amusing young man by the name of Kai. These educational videos seem to be more chaos than co-ordination, but the photography principles and techniques are valid (that is if you take more care during the process than Kai). Filmed in Hong Kong, some of the scenery is more inspiring than the videos. Well worth checking out if you like a bit of humour thrown into your training.

Feel smick about your images. - With tutorials from smickphoto.

Smick photo is a UK based team that primarily sells useful and reasonably priced photography equipment, but their tutorials are equally useful and very informative. Also hosted by Gavin Hoey, these tutorials are presented in an easy to follow and understand format. In this series Gavin examines the use of various lighting setups in the home studio.

Do it yourself at home. - With learn my shot.

This set of photography training videos is a bit of a mixed bag. Some are better than others depending on who the presenter is. Having said that, a lot of the tutorials are easy to follow and understand. A lot of the projects and setups can be done with stuff from around the home, or items you could find cheaply at the local store.

Professional training from a professional photographer. - With Karl Taylor.

If professional training with all the trimmings is what your are looking for, then you can't go past the videos from Karl Taylor. These videos are put together professionally and feel like a lifestyle TV show for photographers. His work speaks for itself, so you are definitely in competent hands here. Learn everything from location to studio photography technique, with the latest gear of course.

The backpackers studio. - A fun introduction to the world of past paced model photography.

When I first saw these guys I wasn't entirely confident in their skills. After seeing a series of videos and images I now have the up most respect for these guys. Their videos are fun, upbeat and simple to understand. Presented like a travelers diary, Micheal and his team inject the passion back into photography while touring Latin America. Well worth checking out if you are someone who likes to travel with their photography and enjoy capturing people in posed and non-posed situations.

It's a snap learning photography with Snapfactory. - Informative and well explained photography videos.

I only just recently came across this youtube series, and to date it would have to be one of my favourite channels. The presenter is easy to understand and explains all aspects of photography in a precise and easy to understand way. The video on the inverse law is life is worth checking out.

Getting the best out of your landscapes. - With Serge Ramelli.

If you are anything like me, you probably like your landscapes to pop. Usually the best way to do this to get the image as close as possible in camera and then resort to some dodge and burning in the application of choice. In these tutorials by French photographer Serge Ramelli, you will learn some tips in using Lightroom and Photoshop to get the best results out of your images.

Some of my recommended links. - If you are looking for more information.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are plenty more of useful photography tutorial out there. Over time I will add more. In the meantime enjoy these links.

Possibly the best book to learn photography from. - From legendary and charismatic photographer Bryan Peterson.

Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera
Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

Of all the photography books I have found most useful, this one would have to be my favourite. In an easy to understand format this book covers everything from composition to using the correct aperture and shutter speed when taking photographs. This book could easily be applied to both film and digital photography, professional or amateur. Bryan Peterson's books are fun to read and are accompanied by stunning images. Many photography schools and colleges are now using this book as a text book and it is easy to see why.


Personal recommendations to get you started.

So you have a camera, an eye for detail and an absolute passion for photography but don't know where to begin. Having a camera is the easy part but knowing how to use it properly and capture the images you want is another thing all together. In this module I will hopefully provide you with useful products that will start you on your photographic journey.

The Digital Photography Book
The Digital Photography Book

I have long been a fan of Scott Kelby and his books. Unlike a lot of professional photographers who write books, he writes in a language most beginners can understand. Unlike a lot of photography training books, he presents his lessons and tutorials in easy to understand language and in a step by step way giving you excellent results quickly. If you are looking for a book that will get you started quickly with your digital camera, this would be my first pick. I have personally found it useful and continue to use it to this day.


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