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The Cricut Craft Room

Updated on March 9, 2013

What Is The Cricut Craft Room?

The Cricut Craft Room is a software program available through Provo Craft. It is used to help Cricut users design and create projects using their Cricut Machines. Using the craft room has many advantages. It creates a larger design space, it allows you to use multiple Cricut cartridges, and it allows you to see the various layers before you cut. Another bonus of the craft room is that you can purchase digital cartridges for immediate download. All Cricut machines and cartridges are compatable with this software. Once you use it, you will probably never want to craft without it again.

Is The Cricut Craft Room Free?

It sure is!

In order to use the Cricut Craft Room you first need to log into the Cricut website and download the free software. Once you download the software you can begin creating. If you are away from your computer, you can still design your next project by using the online design software but you will not be able to cut unless you are using the downloaded program. The program offers a free digital cartridge that you can use at your leisure. This is nice because you get a lot of basic designs that can be cut with any Cricut cutting machine. In addition to having a Cricut machine, you should also look in to getting a wireless usb connector so that you can connect to your cricut remotely. It's a lot easier to send the designs from your computer to your Cricut remotely and it takes up less space on your crafting surface.

Have You Used The Cricut Craft Room?

Have you used the Cricut Craft Room?

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You'll Need A Cricut Machine - Which one will you choose?

In order to use the Cricut Craft Room you will need a Criicut Cutting machine. A Cricut Cutting machine is an electric paper cutting machine that cuts out die cuts for paper crafting projects. There are several Cricuts to choose from. My favorite is the Cricut Expression 2. It is the newest Cricut machine and it features are nice touch screen that makes creating projects easier when the craft room is not available. You can also purchas the original Cricut Expression which has similar features to the Expression 2, but it doesn't have a touch screen, it requires the use of an overlay to create projects on the machine. The Cricut Imagine is a machine that uses ink and colors your projects before they are cut. This eliminates some of the layering for projects. I personally love the look of layered images.

How Do You Use Cartridges In The Craft Room? - It's so easy

If you already have Cricut cartridges then you are ready to use the Cricut Craft Room. All you have to do is connect your computer to your cricut, insert your Cricut cartridge, and do a search for the cartridge you're trying to use. One of the great features of the craft room is that you can link the cartridge to your software. That means that when you are using the Cricut Craft Room, you can use your linked cartridges without having to connect them to the cutting machine. This makes cutting really easy, especially if you are using multiple cartridges for a project.

If you don't have the cartridge that you want, you can still create your projects, but you will either have to save the project until you have purchased the cartridge, or you can purchase a digital download for immediate use. I think the digital downloads are great if you are in a pinch,or if there is a cartridge that you need that can no longer be purchased, but I prefer to own the physical cartridge. The reason I prefer the physical cartridge is that I am not always able to utilize the Cricut Craftroom. It really depends on where I am at the time I am crafting. There is also value in having a physical cartridge because you can resell it or loan it to a friend. When the cartridge is digital it loses some value.

I almost never purchase my cartridges directly from Cricut because I can get them a lot cheaper on Amazon and Ebay. Take a look at some of the available cartridges.


Creating Is Easy In The Craft Room

Here's an example

I recently used the Simply Charmed cartridge to create this anniversary card for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Using the craft room saved me a lot of time and made the process a lot simpler. I was able to find the elements I needed, organize the cuts into layers, and cut the pieces in a matter of minutes. I think the end product came out pretty good. I hope you'll give the Cricut Craft Room a try.

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