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Design Software for Kitchen Cabinets

Updated on August 11, 2016
Created Using Kitchen Cabinet Design Software
Created Using Kitchen Cabinet Design Software

Today’s architects and interior designers have surely come a long way. Designing of interior space which used to be tedious and may take “forever” has now become great fun. Thanks to design software programs.

In the past, design layouts and production of blueprints for clients took a lot of back and forth movements to amend this or that, and was achieved only by the professional designers ho invariably charged high fees for services.

Not so anymore because all the design process up until the printing out of layouts now take only a fraction of the time, plus not only the professionals have access to this technology, but design software savvy building contactors, homeowners and home improvement experts.

This article is basically about the use of kitchen cabinet design software that is highly versatile and equally fun to use.

Why Use Design Software Programs?

Kitchen cabinet design software programs allows you to design a kitchen virtually and almost instantly see an exact view of how the kitchen design and cabinet layout will look when its finally completed; units, furniture, finishes, pots, pans and all.

And though some skill is required to optimally use the software, it’s not so hard to master it once you’ve figured it out, which isn’t hard either.

The only seemingly challenging bit is where accuracy is involved in terms of initial physical space measurements. Your measurements and all space dimensions must be exact, and so demands meticulous calculations. This is the only part that may take some on you part.

The kitchen design software helps you design the complete space and placement of cabinets, kitchen appliances, etc...

You will notice as soon as it comes on (on your computer screen) that the programs interface shows the entire necessary menu that will ensure you create the best of layouts. You will be able to:

  • Design and arrange your space as you wish. Your level of creativity will be you limit.
  • Place all elements, including doors, open shelves, drawers, etc… in any position of choice.
  • Customize the design of the kitchen cabinets to any style or period design.
  • Determine openings for various utilities such as pipes, electrical sockets, drains, cables etc…

How to Use Kitchen Cabinet Design Software

Before putting the design software to use, the entire kitchen space must be measured correctly. Measure all the walls, the window placements, doors, ceiling heights, sill heights, and alcove measurements (if there is any).

This is necessary because the cabinet placement and positioning must be shown on the plan layout to a true scale. You can't afford to make mistakes with these initial spatial measurements because any minor mistake may create a major problem when the cabinetry is ready to be installed.

Such problems may render the finished layout and cabinetry ill-fitting and almost useless, resulting in monetary losses.

3d Kitchen Design Software
3d Kitchen Design Software

Key Features

  • Photo Realism
  • Create your own objects (you are not limited by standards)
  • Elevations with dimensions
  • Create odd-shaped parts and objects in the Shape Editor
  • Uses DXF and DWG objects
  • Uses JPG for texturing
  • Inches and Metric supported in same version
  • Ready-made and custom cabinet pricing
  • Add cabinets and objects in any view

The cabinet design software will allow instant changes to your design as you work along, always just a click of a button away, and such changes can be viewed instantly.

This lets you customise your designs as much as you may wish, and if the result is not so pleasing, you can alter and re-design at will.

Who Can Use Software for Kitchen Design?

The software package can be found very versatile and useful by:

  • Kitchen furniture manufacturers and cabinet vendors
  • Interior designers
  • Kitchen design specialists
  • Do-it-yourself design enthusiasts
  • Kitchen design and build retail shops
  • Home improvement stores.

And because design software programs are continuously upgraded so that it can become more user- friendly, now some people with limited computer skills can use some of the simpler versions effectively.

But if you only have mediocre skills in the use of home design software and need redesign or kitchen remodelling works, you may need to rely on a more professional assistance.

Retailers of kitchen cabinet design software packages are very helpful and many packages do come with helpful tips and tutorials on how to use and navigate the program easily.


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Advantage of Using Design Software for Kitchens

The good thing about using the software for your kitchen layout and cabinet designs is that once you finalize the designs after using accurate measurements and considering the utility openings and other minor details, the manufacturer has only a little scope of any error committed while producing the cabinets and other kitchen furniture.

This ensures the final product turns out to be exact and your kitchen interior design perfect. This perfection can only be achieved with the use of kitchen cabinet design software.

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      viryabo 7 years ago

      Hi Michelle, thanks for your visit and nice comments.


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      Michelle L 7 years ago

      Great info....professional guide...I respect u:)...truly, it is a very informative hub...:)

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      Thank you so much for the nice comments Dame Scribe. I so love playing around with them even when i don't have a project to work on.

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