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The Most Fun Slides in the World: Top 5

Updated on April 4, 2012

We're All Big Kids at Heart

Few people can deny the utter joy gained from riding down a slide (or a "slippery dip" as Australians would say) but most of us are forced to stop indulging in this activity at our local playground once we edge towards adulthood and reach a certain height!

Fortunately however, there are many great slides around the world that can accommodate grown ups.

Here - in my opinion and no particular order - are the five best slides on Earth.

#1 Insano, Beach Park, Brazil

Located within Northeast Brazil's Beach park resort, Insano is definitely not a water slide for the faint hearted! At 41 meters high (the equivalent of a 14 story high building), this is the highest and fastest water slide in the entire world. Riders reach speeds of up to 65 MPH as they shoot down at an approximate 80 degree angle.

Just thinking about having a go on this slide makes my internal organs feel knotted up!

#2: Singapore Airport Slide

Being at an airport with children can be frustrating, since it usually doesn't take long for the boredom (and resulting misbehaviour) to settle in whilst waiting around for a flight. Singapore airport comprises a 40 ft tall, double curly slide however, which keeps adults and children alike entertained on a daily basis.

Whilst the 1 and a half story high slide is completely free to ride, $22 must be spent within the airport to obtain two goes on the 4 story one (I reckon the charge would be worth it!)

#3: Leap of Faith water slide, Dubai

This slide is located within the aqua park of a luxury resort named Atlantis The Palm in Dubai. At 27.5 meters tall and 61 metres long, it's not the largest slide on the list but it's setting within the replica Ziggurat and clear tunnel finale within a shark invested lagoon (yes you heard me right....sharks!) definitely means it is an exciting ride!

Leap of Faith, indeed!

#4 Giant Slide, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Making your way to lectures has never been so fun - or so quick - with this giant 'slippery dip' built within Technical University of Munch campus. Any students that wish to ride down one of the two 4-story slides have to clutch tightly to their book bag and sit upon a mat to prevent the otherwise inevitable friction burn. Ouch!

I bet student applications to this university went up significantly after this slide was installed!

#5: Carsten Höller Slide, Tate Modern, London

This slide was an exhibition that was installed in London's Tate Modern art museum between October 2006 and April 2007 and as such is no longer ride-able (though Carsten Höller; a Belgian, slide-loving artist has installed slides in many other museums around the world).

Despite my best efforts to find statistics for this slide, I have failed. Size-wise this slide doesn't seem to be the grandest, but it makes the list because of it's attractive chrome design.

The Slick Slide Survey

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Other Places You Can Buy 'Slippery Dips',default,sc.html

Have I missed an awesome slide from this list? Tell me what you think below...

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