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Time Captured

Updated on August 24, 2017

Time Captured

Time is captured. Nothing captures the essence of 'time' more than black and white photographs. This lens is a tribute to the timelessness of those black and white prints that continue to haunt us through the ages.

Man Ray - Photografo

Just look at the imagery here. Not even color film photography could capture the essence of such beauty.

20th century Black and White Photographs

The beauty of black and white photographs, and their ability to somehow capture time the way they do, is caught here.

Masters of Photography

If you can capture light and shade in your black and white photography, as it is captured here, then you will not go far wrong.

Capturing Time

Does light and shadow play their part in capturing 'time' within black and white photography? This module asks the question. Just how important are light and shadow to you, when shooting with black and white film?

How much do you think that black and white photography captures 'time' with creative use of light and shadow?

Ilford - Developing Paper

Ilford black and white developing paper is the standard name in black and white photography. This was a product I used many many times over the years, and continue to use now. And it has never let me down, in terms of quality and value.

Ilford 1168255 Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Resin Coated VC Variable Contrast Black & White Enlarging Paper - 5x7" 25 Sheets -Satin
Ilford 1168255 Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Resin Coated VC Variable Contrast Black & White Enlarging Paper - 5x7" 25 Sheets -Satin

Ilford is the standard name in black and white photography. This product comes in either pearl, matt, or I have found, over the years, that Ilford have never let me down, in terms of performance and quality. The standard name for developing paper, in any darkroom.

Ilford MGD.1 B&W Paper Pearl 25 sheet Value Pack with 2 rolls HP5 Film
Ilford MGD.1 B&W Paper Pearl 25 sheet Value Pack with 2 rolls HP5 Film

Again, a top-quality product from Ilford. With this product you get 25 sheets with a pearl surface. This also comes with 2 rolls of HP5 film. So you are getting a great deal for the price.


Time Captured

Understanding Light and Shadow

In order to take great black and white pictures, you must have an understanding about light and shadow. By manipulating light and shadow when taking your photographs, you can produce black and white imagery that will be a cut above the rest. Light is always changing, and so you must be ready for when it does change.

In an instant it can go from a sunny day, to grey, and very dark. Always be ready for this because light is forever constantly bright, dark or in-between. When taking pictures, always be ready for the change in light. Never more so in black and white photography. This is because with the lack of color, then light, shadow, textures and composition play an even bigger role.

So when out taking shots using black and white film, always keep in mind the changing weather conditions. Be aware of your shutter speed and aperture settings, And if you are shooting in low light, use a fast lens. Fast lenses equal wider apertures, which means that you are able to use fast shutter speeds.

Because of the lack of color within black and white, then light and shadow - as I have mentioned in all of my articles relating to this genre of photography - plays the most important role of all. To be able to capture the 'moment' much more so than color film, is, for me, the whole meaning of black and white photography. Understanding light, and how light works, as well as reacting accordingly to the changes, is the trick to great black and white photographic imagery. And the trick to capturing 'time'.

Essence of Time

The 'essence' of time is captured. By creative use of light and shadow, The image, produced by the photographer, is one of sheer quality and beauty. Keep this in mind always, when shooting with black and white film. Because capturing 'time' is what black and white photography is all about.

Time Captured

You see how the light captures the girl's dark hair and part of her face, high-lighting them? The photographer has successfully managed to capture both light and shadow to produce this beautiful shot.

Black and White Visual Art

A great example of creativity here using light, reflection and the dark tone of the girl's hair.

Black and White Photography

A selection of beautiful black and white shots of rural England.

Time Captured

Its beauty. Its elegance. Its timelessness. Nothing captures the sheer essence of a photograph better, than black and white film. Indeed, no wonder that the genre will never die, but be kept alive by those of us who still hold onto the true meaning of photography - using the 'old ways'.

Black and white film photography brings something to the whole aspect of photography that is just breathtaking. This is why I will continue to shoot with film cameras - and even with large-format black and white film, because there is just something about it that truly, will never die.

A Selection of Camera Filters

Camera filters - especially when used in black and white photography - can enhance your photographs in a subtle yet dramatic way.

Girls in Church

The light entering the dim confines of the church enhances the ethereal, timelessness and spiritual feeling of the photograph.

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